What You NEED TO KNOW Before Using PUBG Hacks

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, more commonly known as PUBG, had a huge impact on the gaming scene after it was released in 2017. It made online multiplayer battle royale games incredibly popular, and many games released since have tries to follow in its footsteps.

Because PUBG is an online game, hacks can give you a huge competitive edge. Of course, playing the game with hacks also poses risks. If you're caught using hacks, you could face a ban. These are a few things you should know when using hacks. The devs have tried to tackle cheating in the game.

What Are The Most Popular PUBG Hacks In 2020?


Aimbots are one of the most popular types of cheats in any shooter, so it should be no surprise that they're frequently used in PUBG. When you use an aimbot, your weapon will automatically align with the target you're trying to hit. You won't have to spend any time aiming, which means you can shoot immediately, giving you a huge tactical advantage over your opponent.

It's possible to hit a target in PUBG without killing them. However, when you play with an aimbot, every shot you fire will be a headshot. You'll be able to take out your opponents quickly, allowing you to outlast your opponents and rise to the top of the leaderboards.

Recoil Cheats

When you fire a weapon in PUBG, you'll have to deal with the recoil, which can destabilize your aim. This means you'll need to adjust between shots. This PUBG cheat, however, is designed to eliminate this problem. When you play with it on, you won't experience any sort of recoil, which allows you to fire more quickly.

If you'd prefer not to use aimbots, but you'd still like to improve your firing speed, it's likely that you'll be very impressed with this hack. Recoil hacks aren't as well known as aimbots, which means it may also be easier for you to use a cheat like this without being detected.


You have a lot of enemies in PUBG, especially when a new game starts. In order to survive, you'll need to track down your enemies and make sure they aren't able to sneak up on you.

With wallhacks, you'll be able to see where your enemies are, even if they're hiding behind walls and foliage. This will make it easier for you to assess risks and sneak up on your enemies. You'll be able to locate your enemies in an instant, which means you'll be able to take them out before they even see you.

Footprint Removal

Players in PUBG often use your footprints to track your location. When you use this cheat, you won't leave any footprints behind, which means it will be much harder for players to detect you. In fact, a lack of footprints could cause players to leave their guard down.

If you've been frustrated by your footprints before, it's likely that you'll enjoy this hack. It won't dramatically change the experience you have when you play PUBG, but it will make you harder to find, which can help you to climb up the leaderboards.

Distance Cheats

When the right cheats, you can learn more about the threats that you're facing even when they're far away. These kinds of hacks can provide you with detailed information about the other players on the map, such as the kinds of weapons that they're carrying.

When you have more information about other players, you can make smarter decisions. For example, if you see that a character is using a weaker weapon, you can come in for the kill. If you're outgunned, you can move in another direction. These types of hacks are difficult to detect, but they can have a major impact on your gaming experience.

What Are The Risks Of Playing With Hacks?

The PUBG developers have an anti-cheating system in place that is designed to detect cheats automatically. However, this system is far from perfect. Hackers have worked to stay one step ahead of developers so that players can use cheats without any issues.

If you do choose to play with hacks, you'll want to make a point of using newer hacks or hacks that are updated regularly. These hacks are more likely to use workarounds, which means it's far less likely that you'll be detected by the built-in anti-cheat system.

With that said, hacking is against the TOS for PUBG, and using hacks is always a risk. If you decide that the benefits of playing with cheats outweighs the potential drawbacks, you can start downloading and using some of the best PUBG hacks.

If you're a big PUBG fan, but you'd like to survive for longer, you should consider using cheats. Playing the game with cheats is easy, and if you don't mind the risk, hacks could greatly enhance your overall gameplay experience.