Tier 1
Standard: Unlimited Sprint Pro: + Climb obstacles faster
Sleight of Hand Tier 1
Standard: Faster reload Pro: + Aim down sights faster
Scavenger Tier 1
Standard: Full resupply from dead bodies Pro: + Extra magazines
Bling Tier 1
Standard: Dual attachments on primary weapon Pro: + Dual attachments on secondary weapon
One Man Army (replaces secondary) Tier 1
Standard: Swap classes at any time
Pro: + Swap classes faster
Stopping Power
Tier 2
Standard: Increased bullet damagePro: + Increased bullet damage to cars and Killstreak vehicles
Lightweight Tier 2
Standard: Move faster Pro: + Quicker aim after sprinting
Hardline Tier 2
Standard: Killstreaks rewards require 1 less kill Pro: + Deathstreaks require 1 less death
Cold Blooded
Tier 2
Standard: Undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries, and thermal Pro: + No red crosshair or name when targeted
Danger Close
Tier 2
Standard: Increases explosive weapons damage Pro: + Extra air support damage
Commando Tier 3
Standard: Increased melee distance Pro: + No falling damage
Steady Aim
Tier 3
Standard: Increased hip-fire accuracy Pro: + Hold your breath for longer when sniping
Scrambler Tier 3
Standard: Scrambles the radar of nearby enemies Pro: + Delay enemy Claymore explosions
Ninja Tier 3
Standard: Invisible to heartbeat sensors Pro: + Move silently
SitRep Tier 3
Standard: Reveals enemy explosives and Tactical Insertions
Pro: + Louder enemy footsteps
Last Stand Tier 3
Standard: Survive (on the ground) for 10 seconds after being killed. You can use a pistol
Pro: + Use grenades and equipment as well as your pistol

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