Multiplayer Game Modes

Battlefield Bad Company 2 BFBC2: Multiplayer Game Modes


Rush is a new Game Mode for PC Fans. It was originally introduced in the original Bad Company for Consoles and was formally known as “Gold Rush”.  Two teams must battle it out over control of MCOM stations across multiple sections of a entire map.  Each map is broken down into 3 or 4 sections.  Each team either has the role of  “Attacker” or “Defender”.

Defenders must hold the active section of the map and protect 2 MCOM stations from the attacking team.  MCOM’s can be destroyed via the attackers arming the crate, or by the attackers inflicting heavy damage onto the MCOM.  The MCOM is highly susceptible to C4 and Tank Fire. Defenders have unlimited reinforcement tickets and only need to worry about eliminating the enemy’s reinforcement tickets.

Attackers must assault the defenders position and arm both MCOM stations to advance to the second section of each “Rush” map.  Attackers can keep re-spawning until they run out of “Reinforcement Tickets”.  Once a section of a Rush map is completely destroyed, the attacking will receive more reinforcements. Attackers also have access to UAV stations that can aid in their frontal assault. UAV’s can be used to spot enemy forces behind lines. They also can be armed with Predator Missles for tactical strikes against infantry and vehicles, or with a co-axle .50 caliber mounted machine gun.

MCOM’s or “Crates” are small stations that each team must either attack or destroy.  They can be armed by the attacking team only. Once armed, it takes 30 seconds for a MCOM charge to detonate.  Alternatively, MCOM’s can be destroyed by heavy weapons fire, mortars, c4 explosives, or when a structure housing the MCOM is destroyed.


Conquest is a Battlefield Classic. Conquest has been around since Battlefield 1943.  Each team is given a permanent base on opposite sides of a conquest map.  The enemy teams must then battle it out over the remaining control points across the map.  Each team is usually balanced with the same type of vehicles to battle head to head in the middle of a conquest map.

Each team has a set number of conquest tickets and both teams start out with a total ticket count of 200.  The principle is very simple. The first team to run out of tickets, loses the game.  The more control points you control, the slower your ticket count decreases.

Some maps in Battlefield Bad Company 2 are both Rush Maps, and Conquest maps, like Port Valdez shown on the right.  DICE modified the levels to suite the game modes needs.  Usually there are at least two different routes each team get take to get to a opposing control point. This is a very important balance mechanic.  Some points in the middle offer better vehicles. A control point in the middle may contain a helicopter, and each team will fight over that control point very often. Bad Company 2 comes with 4 Conquest maps out of the box, and another DLC conquest refit of Arica Harbor is expected late March.


Squad Rush is a new competitive Game Mode that DICE has decided to include in Bad Company 2. It’s exactly like regular “Rush” but with smaller teams and downsized maps.  The max number of players for Squad Rush is 8. Attackers and Defenders will both consist of 4 players each, and they must hold a MCOM station for a set number of time. Each Squad Rush map has 2 sections and includes no vehicles.  There are mounted machine guns however.

The maps are designed to be fast-paced, tactical, and full of action.


Squad Deathmatch is also a new competitive mode that DICE has implemented into Battlefield Bad Company 2.  Squad Deathmatch also plays on smaller maps based off of existing Rush and Conquest maps.  The max number of players for Squad Deathmatch is 16.  4 Squads must battle it out for nothing more than kills. Each map contains one centralized area with 1 Land based vehicle.  This keeps the action focused to one central point, and can also make for a exciting and fast paced overall game mode.

The first team to reach 50 kills will win the match

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