Killstreak Rewards

UAV 3 Kills
Shows enemies on the mini map as red dots
Care Package
4 Kills
Airdrops a random Killstreak Reward
Counter UAV
4 Kills
Disable enemies radar
Sentry Gun 5 Kills
Deploy a automatic sentry gun where ever you like on the map
Predator Missile
5 Kills
Remote control a air-to-ground missile via a laptop
Precision Airstrike
6 Kills
Controlable airstrike
Harrier Strike
7 Kills
Harrier Jump Jet support
Attack Helicopter
7 Kills
Attack helicopter support
Emergency Airdrop
8 Kills
Air drops 4 random Killstreak Rewards
Pave Low
9 Kills
Armoured Attack Helicopter support
Stealth Bomber
9 Kills
Carpet bomb
Chopper Gunner
11 Kill
Control the gun of the Attack Helicopter
11 Kills
Remote control all the guns of the AC-130 gunship
15 Kills
Electromagnetic pulse. Disables all electronics
Tacticle Nuke
25 Kills
Drop a nuclear bomb on the playing field. Kills everybody on the map (yourself included). Game ends.. you win!

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