STG.77 AUG Masterguide

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The Steyr AUG is a gas operated, magazine fed, selective fire rifle with a bullpup layout. It was engineered by the Austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch company and was adopted by the Austrian army in 1977. Production began in 1978 and it has gained significant popularity since then. It has also been adopted by Australia, New Zealand, Oman, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Ireland among other places. It fires a 5.56mm NATO round and weighs roughly 3.8kg unloaded and with the standard 508mm length barrel.

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Weapon Kit: Assault
Weapon Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire 700RPM
Damage at 6M: 16.7

Damage on Consoles:20.875

Damage at 40M: 14.3

Damage on Consoles:17.875

Magazine Size: 30
Reload time: 3.2 seconds

Weapon Explained

The AUG assault rifle is the fourth obtained, and third unlocked, rifle in Bad Company 2. Because of its high damage in close quarter combat, tied with its quicker rate of fire, it is lethal in closer ranges. The range, however, does decay over distances, placing the AUG in the medium-short range. The iron sights for the AUG are fairly straight forward to use and, for many, will prove to be more than adequate. However, the red dot sight compliments the AUG’s role of shorter ranged combat.

Again, the iron sights for this Assault rifle will prove more than adequate for most. However, if planning on long distance engagements the x4 scope is a viable option. Because of the recoil from this automatic weapon, try to burst fire in 3 or 4 shots over long distance to make sure your bullets go where you wish them to, and practicing this will also help to preserve ammunition. This weapons bullet spread is respectable, and in close ranges you can easily fire fully automatic with consistent hits.

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Sights Available

  • Red dot Sight
  • 4x Scope


Overall, wielding the AUG will prove beneficial in close quarter combat situations, and will also perform fairly well in mid range combat. However, its damage is a handicap over longer distances, although burst firing this weapon will get the job done over long distance, with practice. To help compensate for the damage handicap, equip Magnum ammo to beef up its long range capabilities. Stick to buildings and try to engage enemies at the ideal distance; urban situations are where the AUG shines. Try to remain aware of this weapons disadvantage over long distances and play to the guns strength in closer quarters. Think of the AUG as an intermediate between the F2000 and the XM8 Prototype; it will fill the role of Close Quarters Combat, but can still engage enemies at medium ranges.

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Final Analysis

    You should embrace:

  • Close Quarters Combat.
  • Defending flags/M-COM stations.
  • Assaulting flags/M-COM stations.
  • You should avoid:
  • Long Distance engagement.
  • Fully automatic fire over distances.

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