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Rush, 1 of the 5 game modes Battlefield : Bad Company 2 will be released with, is an Attack/Defend style of game mode, pitting two teams against each other, consisting of 16 players per team.

– As the Attacking team, your objective is to destroy two postions marked A and B in each stage. There are several stages per round. The objectives are nearly always buildings, the game refers to them as ‘M-Com Stations’. Once the first two objectives are destroyed, two more will become available in the next stage. Each position has a bomb you can arm and defend until the timer runs out, or you can destroy it with C4 and repeated shelling from heavy tanks in various combinations, depending on the objective in question. If you arm the bomb, you must stick around to stop the Defending team from defusing it!

The goal of the Offensive team is to destroy these objectives to clear stages until there are none left, ultimately winning the round. You start with one hundred ‘lives’ or ‘tickets’, for your team. Every time one of you dies, your total is reduced by 1. Clearing a stage earns you more tickets for the new position.

– As the Defending team, your objective is to stop the Offense destroying the objectives! To win as Defense, you must defend a stage while killing the enemy until their ticket count reaches 0. If you reduce the Offense to zero tickets at any point on any stage, you win.

Part 1: Offensive Tactics

Port Valdez

IPB Image

Port Valdez is a Defender’s map. Having the water edge along one side and the hills and mountains on the other side makes for a pretty linear map. This provides an excellent situation for the defenders. For each stage they are granted many different areas to set up choke points. Playing the Offense you will have a hard time trying to sneak around as they will see you coming almost all of the time. The key is squad play and for this map, fast action (Rush!). To be successful in a bomb raid, you need to make fast pushes, find areas where you are isolated to create manageable firefights, and ultimately work with your squad.

Stage 1

IPB Image

Stage 1, the first stage you fight over, provides a couple of early openings and chances to build your momentum. Trees and shrub allows for early game cover and a quick spawn allows for a pretty nice head start in the time where slow players are still getting ready. Don’t wait too long or you will lose these precious openings. If you take advantage of this early moment in the round, you can focus more towards Point A. It’s recommended to take out point B as fast as possible after A to avoid losing your advantage and momentum. For the objective B in stage 1, there is a little strategy that really pays off.

  • The plan is to put 5 C4 charges on an ATV, and drive into Point B. Detonate to destroy the objective.
  • To pull this off yourself, you need to have the EX UPGR Specialization.

It works excellently without much effort, as demonstrated here:

It takes 5 C4 for the BETA. On release it will take more.

– A better way to do this is with a buddy. Both of you put C4 on the ATV, the more the merrier, and while one drives the ATV to point B, the other sits in a spot with good sight of the bomb, and waits for the call to blow it up. This way, you can avoid a suicide, and you can still detonate the bomb, even if your buddy dies.

IPB Image

In the next video we show you a good insertion technique, and an area for squads to deploy and take action. One player acts as a spawn point for his squad, allowing them to set up near objective points.

It is not advised to attempt this alone, it is much harder and is destined to fail.

Stage 2

IPB Image

At this stage of the map, your methods of insertion are even more limited. There is a lethal choke point entry to Point B, and that being your main route in means this position is pretty difficult to assault.

Here we show a recommended route, and a pretty cool spawn position for a squad member.

Point A will most likely go down before this one. A direct push is needed to take out Point A, but with the armor tearing open the walls, it should not be a problem.

Stage 3

IPB Image

Stage 3 will take it up another notch in the difficulty factor. You are faced by a new enemy asset, the Apache helicopter. A good pilot and gunner team will need to be matched with a good AA man in the light armor you’re given. Adding on to that, the entrance to stage 3 is a medium sized choke point. To successfully move on this stage some things have to happen. These things are: 1 or 2 squads making it into the heart of the position and disrupting the enemy, while the main force – consisting of the rest of the squads and the armor – push in.

Here is our recommended entry, playing as an insertion spawn squad member.

Almost there! The next stage is the fourth and final stage of the map. Victory is near!

Stage 4

IPB Image

This is the very final area before sweet, sweet victory. It consists of an uphill climb with two main entrances. With these two entrances comes one route for a stealthy squad.

Shown here is the stealthy route along the pipeline entrance.

However, this is not as crucial as previous insertions. On this stage the attackers gain a close quarters advantage. The first objective, bomb B, is in a large building, providing your team a chance at close combat. This is where you finally get your chance to let loose. Although beware, the defensive side does gain another air asset, the UH-64 Blackhawk. Even with this extra support, the Defense will find it hard to stop your team’s momentum.

The Rush game mode relies heavily on squad play. These routes and spots provide a great chance to catch the defenders off guard and ultimately get you the win, and a good chance on getting the Best Squad achievement for that matter!

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Solid Win‘s Guide to Destroying M-COM Stations in Rush


1. Introduction

  • How Rush Works
  • M-COM Stations

2. Methods

  • Arming the Station
  • Using Tanks
  • Mortar Striking
  • Launcher Spam
  • C4 Plant
  • Destruction 2.0
  • Anti-Tank Mines

3. Methods that DO NOT WORK

  • Small Arms Fire
  • Repair Tool
  • UAV


-How Rush Works

This section is for the benefit of those who are unsure. In Rush, there is an attacking team and a defending team. In the gameplay area there are two M-COM Station, denoted by either blue squares or red diamonds depending on whether you are defending or attacking.

For Attackers:

  • The objective is to destroy the M-COM Stations (what this guide is about)
  • They have a limited number of respawn tickets. i.e. collectively the attacking team has 75 lives to destroy the two M-COM Stations currently in play.
  • Once the two M-COM Stations have been destroyed, the attacked spawn moves up the map and two new M-COM Stations are revealed in a previously unplayable area.
  • This cycle repeats 3-4 times depending on the map.
  • Once the last M-COM Station has been destroyed the attacking team wins.

For Defenders

  • The objective is to deplete the attacking teams respawn tickets, i.e. kill them to death.
  • They have unlimited respawn tickets.
  • They must also stop the attacking team from destroying the M-COM Stations

That’s a general run-down of Rush.

-M-COM Stations

As you’ve probably deduced by now, M-COM Stations are the heart of gameplay in Rush. These things are big rectangular boxes containing electronic equipment. When you are on the attacking team they are represented from afar by red/orange diamonds. There are always two in play (unless one has already been destroyed).

There are two ways you can destroy an M-COM Station:

  • Arm it.
  • Use lots of firepower.

Those two points are the basis of this guide.

In Bad Company 1 the stations ‘health’ was clearly visible, and any damage the enemy team caused was immediately visible. In Bad Company 2 the station’s health bar is this tiny thing that only appears when you look at it. Just because you can’t see the attacking team doing damage doesn’t mean that they aren’t. The symbols on your mini-map however flash when damage is being dealt.


Arming the Station

This is arguably the most common method of destroying a station. All you have to do is go up to it, hold a button for a few seconds and a large siren and strobing light appear out of nowhere. If you play Call of Duty a lot liken it to planting the bomb in Demolition or SnD. Like everything in BC2 it’s balanced and has its fair share of pros and cons.


  • Very easy to do, and is possible to complete with any class.
  • If successful the M-COM Station is destroyed relatively quickly.


  • The combination or a massive strobing red light, very loud siren and flashing message across the defenders’ screens is bound to alert one or more of them to your presence.
  • You need to stop the defending team from disarming the charge for thirty seconds or so. This is harder than it sounds because they spawn closer to the action by default.

As you can see, the cons outweigh the pros a fair bit with this. If you want to get the station in one go, you need a good squad(s) ready to defend the hell out of the place as the entire defending team will most likely divert their attention towards the armed station. Because of this, it is often favourable to arm both stations at once. This spreads the defending team thin and you will most likely be successful with at least one of the station.

DON’T be that guy that just walks into the enemy base by himself and randomly arms a charge. It catches your own team of guard. When you arm that charge your allies will be like “wtf, oh crap lets go help out” and then everyone just charges at the armed M-COM station. In this uncoordinated attack a lot of people die on both sides, but guess which side’s deaths actually count? Yours. So don’t be a dick and arm a charge just for the thirty points. Make sure everyone’s ready in your squad.

Using Tanks

I’ve seen many people attempt to use tanks to destroy M-COM stations by firing directly at them in online play, so I decided to incorporate them into the guide. There are two ways to use tanks in this situation, long range and close range. To be honest I don’t know why people use tanks for this because the long-range is exceedingly boring and close range is exceedingly risky but whatever.

Long Range:

  • On many maps there is a clear line of sight to the M-COM station from afar. Just park your tank in a spot along this line and spam the station. Make sure you account for gravity because the shells drop after a distance.
  • While this method takes ages, the only real way the defenders can take you out is to come right up to you or fire a very good missile/mortar strike. In either case, if you’re an engineer just repair your tank between attacks.

Close Range:

  • If you’re pretty close to the M-COM station, you’re either trying to demolish the building (see Destruction 2.0 section) or spamming the station.
  • If you’re spamming the station at this range, you have no hope. The defenders will blow you up somehow.
  • Don’t even try close range tanking.

In either case, make sure you’re using the Enhanced Warheads vehicle specialisation. It will make your tedious job a little shorter.

I will reiterate, I don’t know why people would use this method of attack, it really isn’t that great. It’s slow, risky and relatively ineffective compared to other methods. A smart team of two can destroy an M-COM station on foot faster than someone in a tank.

Mortar Striking


  • Recon Class
  • Mortar Goggles :P
  • Improved Demolitions Specialisation
  • Enhanced Warheads Vehicle Specialisation

And you thought tanking was boring. Using the mortar strike is probably one of the most reliable methods of attack, it’s also the most uneventful. This is often best used in conjunction with arming the charge or Destruction 2.0. Simply trying to destroy the station solely with your mortar strikes will result in your dying of old age.

Arming the Charge:
Once your team has armed the charge in an M-COM station out in the open (i.e. not at the top of a two-story building) immediately call a mortar strike in on the building. It will prevent the defending team from disarming the charge for some time.

Destruction 2.0:
Hit a destructible building – either the large concrete ones or two story wooden ones – with about 3-5 mortar strikes and it will collapse, immediately destroying the M-COM station within. This takes ages as the recharge timer for the mortar is pretty long.

In closing, don’t try and take out the Station with your mortar strike alone, it will not work. Use it as a suppression weapon to stop the defending team from disarming charges instead.

Launcher Spam


  • Engineer Class
  • A launcher, preferably the AT4 because it kicks ass
  • Explosives Leg Pouch Specialisation
  • Improved Demolitions Specialisation

Similar to the tank method, except it’s more personal. What you do is get your trusty launcher and spam rockets at the M-COM station. After maybe 9 rockets (?) the M-COM station will explode. This is as slow and boring as it sounds, but the important thing is that it’s reliable.


  • It will work every time, unless you suck at aiming at something that never moves.
  • It deals a fairly large amount of damage in the long run.
  • It’s not as obvious as say… a tank or mortar strike every thirty seconds.


  • It takes ages.
  • It uses a lot of ammo.

Try to use this method when you notice that your team is just throwing themselves at the defenders bullets trying to arm the charge. You will most likely destroy the station before your team’s respawn tickets run out. In other words, use this method when your team sucks.

C4 Planting


  • Recon Class
  • Assault Class is actually preferred as you can resupply your own ammo. Just equip a universal weapon.
  • C4 Charges
  • Improved Demolitions Specialisation
  • Explosives Leg Pouch Specialisation

Sneak up to the M-COM station and plant all your C4 on it then run away and detonate. It will take off a large chunk of its health, and you will get points! Rinse and repeat this procedure if you are using the assault class by putting down an ammo box at your feet, plant a charge, wait for the resupply sound, plant another charge etc.

It takes a while but in the long run you’re dealing a fairly large amount of damage. Just make sure you’re not going to get knifed while resupplying your C4 charges.

Destruction 2.0

Destruction 2.0 is the act of destroying the building that the M-COM Station is in, instantly destroying the M-COM Station. Only certain structures can be demolished. These include:

  • Large Concrete Single-Story Buildings
  • Two-Story Wooden Structures with the stairs in the side.
  • Two-Story Houses with stairs on the inside.
  • One-Story House

Take note that the square one-story ‘rooms’ cannot be demolished. When you destroy those structures the M-COM Stations will simply be exposed.

Methods of demolition:

Mortar Strike:
As mentioned before 3-5 mortar strikes on a structure will demolish it. This takes a long time as the recharge time for the mortar is pretty long.

C4 Planting:
With the explosive leg pouch (6 C4 Charges), place the charges on every wall and the ceiling. After a few tries you will have perfected the correct placement. Detonate and the building will collapse.

Just pummel the building for a while. It will collapse. Aim for different walls every time.

Anti-Tank Mines

By far the most hardcore method of destroying an M-COM Station. Just putting it out there.


  • Engineer Class
  • Anti-Tank Mines
  • Explosive Leg Pouch Specialisation
  • Improved Demolitions Specialisation
  • An Assault Friend

What you have to do is go up to the M-COM Station, preferably without anyone else noticing you. Pile all 6 of your anti-tank mines next to the Station and chuck a frag grenade at the pile. The run the hell away. The ensuing explosion should knock out at least half of the station’s health.
If you have an assault class friend, get him to throw down an ammo box, rinse and repeat one more time and the M-COM Station is history.


  • Extremely Fast
  • Extremely Effective
  • Makes the enemy team confused


  • None, it’s just that awesome.

Methods that DO NOT WORK

Small Arms Fire

Using guns against M-COM Stations does not work, at all. All it does is attract attention and lower your accuracy. Even if there’s only a pixel of health left, don’t waste your ammo.

The Repair Tool

This may seem silly, but I know friends who are adamant the repair tool either repairs your station or helps destroy it. It does neither, it just makes an annoying grating noise.


The UAV’s Hellfire missiles do some damage to M-COM Stations, but in the long run they take so long to reload there’s really no point. Use the UAV for useful things, like spotting instead of hovering 100m over a Station waiting for the next missile to be ready.

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