Guide To The Assault’s 40mm Launcher

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Traditionally, the Assault class has always been the kit that best allows the player to kill; the Assault kit in Battlefield: Bad Company: 2 is no exception. Equipping the player with a high power, accurate assault rifle, complimented with an under-barrel 40mm launch tube, and the ability to re-supply both themselves and teammates, the venerable Assault class provides the squad-level firepower for their team.

One of the Assault player’s more unique items is the 40mm launch tube; I say “launch tube” because it isn’t just limited to grenades. Indeed, the 40mm launch tube is what allows the Assault class to be so adaptable. From taking out groups of enemies, to providing cover for retreating or assaulting forces, there is more to the 40mm then racking up the kills. This guide will explain in detail, the 3 gadgets available to the Assault class.

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The 40mm Grenade Launcher is the default 40mm round.

  • It is great for hitting tightly grouped infantry. When timed right, can intercept enemys sprinting for cover.
  • It is adept at blowing holes in any surface: Walls, ceilings, crates, ground, trees, or other players.
  • Its splash damage radius will inflict damage on enemy players behind a wall, and will expose their flanks.
  • It is affected by gravity, so players need to aim to account for this.

Perhaps one of the best utilizations of the 40mm Grenade launcher is destroying things, which is handy since nearly everything is destructable. Windows are no longer safe havens, and cover doesn’t last forever. Use the 40mm whenever possible, there are more methods to killing then spraying ammo. Not only will you score a kill or two, there is less cover for the enemy to hide behind


Another strategy implementable by the 40mm Grenade (and is used by the U.S. Military) is called Mouseholing. When you blow a hole in the wall, something the 40mm Grenade is awfully good at, you also blow away cover and concealment. This allows you to provide a direct view into the M-COM Station or Flag, so you can either shoot through the hole or sneak in to score the objective. This way, you do not neccessarily have to expose yourself when guarding the point, you can even shoot from another well covered spot; perhaps in a neighbouring building. Cover plays an important role in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, so be sure to make the most of it.

The next 40mm upgrade, is the infamous albeit underappreciated smoke grenade.

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Changing 40mm roundtypes doesn’t affect the appearance of the launcher itself, the pictures are purely for demonstrational purposes.

  • The 40mm smoke grenade shoots exactly like the 40mm Grenade; most likely you will find yourself shooting the ground area you need cover in.
  • The deployment is instant; as soon as the round hits an object, it screens the immeadiate area with smoke. The most smoke is generated as soon as it explodes, so move quickly.
  • It may also be useful when retreating, setting up a smoke screen prevents any line of sight; what your enemy cannot see, he cannot shoot (as well!)
  • It is perfect for providing a screen through which your squad/team may pass while staying concealed.

One of DICE’s recent patchnotes, from the PS3 Beta a while back, includes improvements to the 40mm Smoke round (9th paragraph down). The improvement includes the ability to remove all spots on targets in smoke, and immunizes affected players from being spotted for several seconds.

  • Recon players will be frustrated if you pop smoke around a passge that is subject to regular sniping – not only will the Recon player not be able to see you through their scope, they can’t spot you either! It renders them useless for the duration of the smoke.

Defending Against Tracer Darts

Usually, Engineers are thought to be an armor player’s greatest asset; however, what many people do not know is that the Assault class’ 40mm Smoke round removes tracer darts and spots placed on friendly armor. With tracer darts posing the largest threat to friendly armor, this can prove invaluable to keeping friendly armor on the field. There’s a little bit of love for everyone in Bad Company 2!

The other 40mm upgrade is the 40mm Shotgun round.

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  • the 40mm Shotgun fires the same round used in the pump action shotguns, like the 870 Combat. It launches 12 tungsten “darts”, by comparison the SAIGA shotgun launches only 6 tungsten “darts”.
  • The 40mm Shotgun round will usually kill in one shot, depending on the range.

One of the perks of using the 40mm Shotgun is that you can easily switch back to your rifle and quickly finish your foe. It may serve as a counter to players using the Infantry Armor Specialization.

The Assault class has a lot to offer due to the variety of support the 40mm can offer; destruction, armor protection, cover, and plain raw assault are all enhanced solely by what 40mm round the Assault players choose. Teamwork is essential, and the Assault Class is a solid example of how Battlefield Bad Company 2 tries to implement teamwork. Some of the most fun in the Battlefield series can only be accomplished through teamwork!

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