Emblems / How To Earn Them pg2

File:Emblem-pacifier-pink.jpg File:Emblem-treasurechest-1.jpg File:Emblem-bear.jpg File:Emblem-tire.jpg File:Emblem-painkiller.jpg File:Cod4  prestige 4 .jpg File:Cross.gif File:Emblem-prestige-5.jpg
Complete the “Counter-Claymore: III” challenge.

Kill 20 enemies by shooting a claymore.

Steal 200 enemy care packages.

(Sentry Guns and EA crates only count if they’re red)

Complete the “Multi-Frag: III” challenge.

Kill 2 or more enemies with a single frag grenade, 50 times.

Complete “The Resourceful” challenge.

Awarded with “Friends with Benefits”.

Once painkiller is active, survive enough to kill you normally as you kill another player. Complete the “Carpet Bomber IV” challenge.

Get 1000 kills with a Precision Airstrike.

Complete “Spectre IV”.

Get 1000 kills with an AC-130

Reach 5th prestige level 2
File:Emblem-cod4.jpg File:Emblem-treasuremap-1.jpg File:Emblem-hyena.jpg File:Emblem-loadedfinger.jpg File:Emblem-grenadepulldeath.jpg File:Cod4  prestige 5.jpg File:Prestige10Anim.gif File:Prestige-6.jpg
Complete the “Carpet Bomb” challenge.

Kill 5 enemies with a single airstrike.

Complete “Airstrike Inbound: III” Challenge.

Call in 1000 Precision, Stealth or Harrier airstrikes.

Complete “Multi-RPG: III Challenge”.

Kill 2 or more enemies with a single AT4 or RPG.

Complete the “MG Master” challenge.

Get 5 killstreak using mounted machine gun.

Get a kill with Martyrdom. Complete “You’re Fired IV”.

Get 1000 kills with a Harrier.



Reach 6th prestige level 2
File:CODstar.gif File:Emblem-gears.jpg File:Emblem-sugarglider.jpg File:Emblem-girlskull.jpg File:Emblem-final-stand.jpg File:Cod4  prestige 6.jpg File:Emblem-prestige-1.jpg File:Prestige-7.jpg
Challenge: “Ultimate Sacrifice”.

Call in a nuke while your team is losing.

Complete the “Dominos” challenge.

Kill an enemy by setting off a chain reaction of explosives.

Complete “Multi-C4: III” challenge.

Kill 2 or more enemies with a single C4 pack, 50 times.

Awarded alongside Survivalist Challenge.

Survive 5 consecutive minutes.

Get back on your feet whilst in final stand or kills in final stand. Complete “Chopper Veteran IV” Kill 1000 enemies by calling in armed helicopters. Reach 1st prestige level 2 Reach 7th prestige level 2
File:Emblem-riot-shield.jpg File:Emblem-ghost-mic.jpg File:Emblem-stop.jpg File:Emblem-abduction.jpg File:Prestige 1  cod4.jpg File:Cod4  prestige 7.jpg File:Emblem-prestige-2.jpg File:Prestige-8.jpg
Complete the “Bullet Proof: III” challenge.

Deflect 50000 Bullets w/ Riot Shield.

Complete the “Stealth IV” challenge.

Kill 1000 enemies while using a silenced weapon.

Complete “Think Fast Stun” challenge.

Finish an enemy off by hitting them with a stun grenade.

Complete “Cruelty” Challenge.

Kill an enemy, Pick up his weapon, then kill him again with his own weapon

Challenge: “Head’s Up”.

Kill an enemy by dropping a care package on them.

Complete “Jolly Green Giant IV”.

Get 1000 kills with a Pave Low.

Reach 2nd prestige level 2 Reach 8th prestige level 2
File:Emblem-iss.jpg File:Emblem-league-grenade.jpg File:Emblem-burgertown.jpg File:Emblem-illuminati.jpg File:Prestige 2  cod4.jpg File:Cod4  prestige 8.jpg File:Prestige-3.jpg File:Prestige-9.jpg
Complete the “No Secrets” challenge.
Call in 3 UAVs in a single match.
Complete “Think Fast” challenge.
Finish an enemy off by hitting them with a frag grenade.
Complete “Master Chef: III” challenge.
Kill 20 enemies with cooked grenades.
Awarded alongside “How The?” title.

Kill an enemy by using bullet penetration to shoot an explosive device through a wall.

Complete the “Look! No Hands IV” challenge.

Get 1000 kills with a Sentry Gun.

Complete the “Spirit IV”

Get 1000 kills with a Stealth Bomber.

Reach 3rd prestige level 2 Reach 9th prestige level 2
File:Emblem-ghost.jpg File:Emblem-rhino.jpg File:Emblem-bulb.jpg File:Emblem-copycat.jpg File:Prestige 3  cod4.jpg File:Cod4  prestige 9.jpg File:Prestige-4.jpg File:Prestige-10.jpg
Red Carpet challenge.

Kill 6 enemies with a stealth bomber.

Complete the “Clay More: III” challeng.

Kill 2 or more enemies with a single Claymore, 50 times.

Complete “Think Fast Flash” challenge.

Finish an enemy off by hitting them with a flashbang.

Use Copycat to copy a class and kill the same enemy you copied the class from. Complete the “Predator IV” challenge.

Get 1000 kills with a Predator Missile.

Complete the “Cobra Commander IV” challenge

Get 1000 kills as a Chopper Gunner.

Reach 4th prestige level 2 Reach 10th prestige level 2
File:Anim-ac-130 emblem.gif File:Anim-precision-airstrike.gif File:Anim-helicopter-gunner.gif File:DangerPro1.png File:ArmyPro1.png File:NinjaPro1.png File:Emblem-marksman-m4.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-kriss.jpg
Launch 25 AC-130’s Call in 50 Airstrikes Complete “Chopper Gunner: III” – call in 25 Chopper Gunners Complete “Danger Close Pro: VI” challenge.

Get 500 kills with explosives using Danger Close.

Complete “One Man Army Pro: VI” challenge.

750 Kills using One Man Army.

Complete “Ninja Pro: VI” challenge.

Get 250 close range kills using Ninja.

Complete M4A1 Veteran II Complete Vector Veteran II
File:Emblem-Anim-uav.gif File:Anim-harrier.gif File:Animated-emp.gif File:BlingPro1.png File:CommandoPro1.png File:Emblem-marksman-ak47.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-scar.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-ump45.jpg
Call in 50 UAVs Call in 50 Harriers Call in 10 EMPs Complete “Bling Pro: VI” challenge.

900 kills using a weapon with 2 attachments.

Complete “Commando Pro: VI” challenge.

Get 100 melee kills using Commando.

Complete AK-47 Veteran II Complete SCAR-H Veteran II Complete UMP45 Veteran II
File:Anim-care-package emblem.gif File:Emblem-Anim-attack-helicopter.gif File:Anim-tactical-nukeemblem.gif File:StopPowerPro.png File:SteadyPro1.png File:Emblem-marksman-masada.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-fal.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-p90.jpg
Call in 50 Airdrops Call in 50 Attack Helicopters Complete “End Game: III” – Call in 10 Tactical Nukes Complete “Stopping Power Pro: VI” challenge.

1000 Kills using Stopping Power.

Complete “Steady Aim Pro: VI” challenge.

Get 500 hip-fire kills using Steady Aim.

Complete ACR Veteran II Complete FAL Veteran II Complete P90 Veteran II
File:Emblem-Anim-counter-uav.gif File:Emblem-Anim-emergency-airdrop.gif File:MarathonPro1.png File:LightPro1.png File:ScramblerPro.png File:Emblem-marksman-m16.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-famas.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-aug.jpg
Call in 50 Counter-UAVs Call in 25 Emergency Airdrops Complete “Marathon Pro: VI” challenge

Run 104 miles using Marathon.

“Complete “Lightweight Pro: VI” challenge.”

Sprint 250 miles using Lightweight.

Complete “Scrambler: VI” challenge.
Get 250 close range kills using Scrambler.
Complete M16A4 Veteran lII Complete FAMAS Veteran II Complete AUG-HBAR Veteran II
File:Emblem-Anim-sentry-gun.gif File:Anim-pave-low emblem.gif File:SleightPro.png File:HardlinePro1.png File:SitRepPro1.png File:Emblem-marksman-tavor.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-mp5k.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-m240.jpg
Complete “Sentry Gun: III” – call in 50 Sentry Guns Complete “Pave Low: III” – Call in 25 Pave lows Complete “Sleight of Hand Pro: VI” challenge.

Get 750 kills using Sleight of Hand.

Complete “Hardline Pro: VI” challenge.

Get 250 killstreak rewards using Hardline.

Complete “SitRep Pro: VI” challenge.

Destroy 750 Enemy Devices or Tactical Insertions.

Complete TAR-21 Veteran II Complete MP5K veteran II Complete M240 Veteran II
File:Emblem-Anim-predator-missile.gif File:Emblem-Anim-stealth-bomber.gif File:ScavengePro1.png File:ColdBloodPro.png File:LastStandPro.png File:Emblem-marksman-fn2000.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-uzi.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-sa80.jpg
Call in 50 Predator Missiles Call in 25 Stealth Bombers Complete “Scavenger Pro: VI” Challenge.

Resupply 500 times using Scavenger.

Complete “Cold-Blooded Pro: VI” Challenge.

Destroy 250 killstreak rewards using Cold-Blooded.

Complete “Last Stand Pro: VI” Challenge.

Get 100 kills while in Last Stand.

Complete F2000 Veteran II Complete Mini-Uzi Veteran II Complete L86 LSW Veteran II
File:Emblem-marksman-rpd.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-glock.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-deserteagle.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-model1887.jpg File:Emblem-expert-fn2000.jpg File:Emblem-expert-uzi.jpg File:Emblem-expert-sa80.jpg File:Emblem-expert-wa2000.jpg
Complete RPD Veteran II Complete G18 Veteran II Complete Desert Eagle Veteran II Complete Model 1887 Veteran II Complete FN2000 Master II Complete Mini-Uzi Master II Complete L86 LSW Master II Complete WA2000 Master II
File:Emblem-marksman-mg4.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-beretta393.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-coltanaconda.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-ranger.jpg File:Emblem-expert-m4.jpg File:Emblem-expert-kriss.jpg File:Emblem-expert-rpd.jpg File:Emblem-expert-glock.jpg
Complete MG4 Veteran II Complete Raffica Veteran II Complete .44 Magnum Veteran II Complete Ranger Veteran II Complete M4A1 Carbine Master II Complete Vector Master II Complete RPD Master II Complete G18 Master II
File:Emblem-marksman-cheytac.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-tmp.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-m1014.jpg File:Emblem-expert-ak47.jpg File:Emblem-expert-scar.jpg File:Emblem-expert-ump45.jpg File:Emblem-expert-mg4.jpg File:Emblem-expert-tmp.jpg
Complete Intervention Veteran II Complete TMP Veteran II Complete M1014 Veteran II Complete AK-47 Master II Complete SCAR-H Master II Complete UMP .45 Master II Complete MG4 Master II Complete TMP Master II
File:Emblem-marksman-barrett.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-pp2000.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-striker.jpg File:Emblem-expert-masada.jpg File:Emblem-expert-fal.jpg File:Emblem-expert-p90.jpg File:Emblem-expert-cheytac.jpg File:Emblem-expert-beretta393.jpg
Complete Barrett .50cal Veteran II Complete PP2000 Veteran II Complete Striker Veteran II Complete ACR Master II Complete FAL Master II Complete P90 Master II Complete Intervention Master II Complete M93 Raffica Master II
File:Emblem-marksman-m21.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-beretta.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-aa12.jpg File:Emblem-expert-m16.jpg File:Emblem-expert-famas.jpg File:Emblem-expert-aug.jpg File:Emblem-expert-barrett.jpg File:Emblem-expert-pp2000.jpg
Complete M21 EBR Veteran II Complete M9 Veteran II Complete AA-12 Veteran II Complete M16A4 Master II Complete FAMAS Master II Complete AUG-HBAR Master II Complete Barrett .50cal Master II Complete PP2000 Master II
File:Emblem-marksman-wa2000.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-usp.jpg File:Emblem-marksman-spas12.jpg File:Emblem-expert-tavor.jpg File:Emblem-expert-mp5k.jpg File:Emblem-expert-m240.jpg File:Emblem-expert-m21.jpg File:Emblem-expert-m1014.jpg
Complete WA 2000 Veteran II Complete USP .45 Veteran II Complete SPAS-12 Veteran II Complete TAR-21 Master II Complete MP5K Master II Complete M240 Master II Complete M21 EBR Master II Complete M1014 Master II
File:Emblem-expert-striker.jpg File:Emblem-expert-usp.jpg File:Emblem-expert-aa12.jpg
Complete Striker Master II Complete USP .45 Master II Complete AA-12 Master II
File:Emblem-expert-deserteagle.jpg File:Emblem-expert-spas12.jpg File:Emblem-expert-coltanaconda.jpg
Complete Desert Eagle Master II Complete SPAS-12 Master II Complete .44 Magnum Master II
File:Emblem-expert-model1887.jpg File:Emblem-expert-ranger.jpg File:Emblem-expert-beretta.jpg
Complete Model 1887 Master II Complete Ranger Master II Complete M9 Master II

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