Medic Class Unlocks

Battlefield Bad Company 2 BFBC2: Medic Class Unlocks

While Medics in the release version of BC2 inexplicably start out with any of their medic tools, it is worth playing as one early in order to unlock them. Your light machine gun is fantastic for spray-and-pray due to its powerful bullets and massive clip sizes, and it can be fired on full auto. If you find that the muzzle flash is too much and you can’t see once you start firing, try spotting a target first.

But the real meat of the Medic is in healing your teammates and reviving them when they go down. When you’re the attackers in Rush mode or in Conquest mode at all, this is especially important, as a revived teammate doesn’t use up a ticket. Toss down medpacks wherever your buddies congregate, too, as you can get hundreds of points off of one medpack. And if you have to choose between killing an enemy and raising up a buddy, well, choose whatever path is most likely to have you and your buddy alive (and the enemy dead) at the end.

Not every little EKG squiggle on your minimap deserves your attention. Some people just run out into the open and are immediately cut down, and it’s not worth it to you to hang your butt out just to bring them back up. More likely than not, he’ll fall over dead again, and you’ll just be another body lying in the road.

A comprehensive chart has been posted here that shows weapon damage.

Weapon Unlocked at
Medic Kit Default
PKM Light Machine Gun Default
M249 SAW Light Machine Gun 3,300 Medic Score
Type 88 Light Machine Gun 8,600 Medic Score
XM8 LMG Light Machine Gun 8,600 Medic Score
Medic Improved Heal 11,600 Medic Score
Medic Red Dot Sight 14,700 Medic Score
4X Rifle Scope 17,900 Medic Score
Medic Improved Range 21,300 Medic Score
Marksman LMG Training 23,500 Medic Score
M60 Light Machine Gun 25,000 Medic Score
MG36 Light Machine Gun 42,000 Medic Score
MG3 Light Machine Gun 57,000 Medic Score
Defibrillator Unknown, let us know!

PKM Light Machine Gun

Russian general-purpose machine gun adopted worldwide for it’s rugged operation and reliability. With a high rate of fire and 7.62×24mmR caliber, it provides excellent long range capability.

Unlocked Out of Box

M249 SAW Light Machine Gun

This Belgium-made belt-fed, light machine gun is extremely reliable and easy to operate. Its high cyclic rate provides exceptional rounds on target. Serving over 43 countries, the FN Minimi is known as the M249 in the U.S. Armed Forces and has become their standard-issue squad automatic.

Unlocked with 3,300 Kit Points

Type 88 Light Machine Gun

New-generation 5.8mm Chinese light machine gun. Heavier than many of its competitors, the Type 88 (also known as QJY 88) is gas-operated, air-cooled fully automatic LMG with a cyclic rate of 650 rounds per minute.

Unlocked with 8,600 Kit Points

M60 Light Machine Gun

Utilizing design elements from the WWII MG42, the M60 was introduced in 1957 and has been the workhorse of every branch of the US Military. It has gone through several modifications throughout its service life but is slowly being phased out by the M240.

Unlocked with 25,000 Kit Points

XM8 LMG Light Machine Gun

An LMG version of the XM8 modular assault rifle, its capable of firing 750 rounds per minute. Coupled to a dual-drum, 100-round magazine and equipped with a folding bipod and built-in scope, this LMG fills the tactical gap between assault rifles and GPMGs.

Unlocked with 8,600 Kit Points

MG36 Light Machine Gun

A modified G36 equipped with heavier barrel, bipod and dual-drum, 100-round magazine. This LMG fills the tactical needs when a GPMG is impractical. It places added firepower into a infantry gun team when mission objectives require fast mobility.

Unlocked with 42,000 Kit Points

MG3 Light Machine Gun

A modern version of the WWII MG42, the MG 3 serves over 20 countries because of its simple design and excellent battlefield performance. With 1,000 rounds per minute, the MG3 is an incredible force multiplier. It’s a testament to the original design that after 70 years, the MG 3 still proves strong.

Unlocked with 57,000 Kit Points

Medic Red Dot Sight

Description: A highly effective optical sight providing enhanced point and shoot capability for close quarter combat.  It does not emit a laser and therefore is considered a “passive” aiming device.

Field Notes: The Red Dot Sight offers a more precise view when aiming down the sights. Most players will find it much easier to engage targets from mid to long range with this scope. If your comfortable enough with the iron sights, you might want to skip this specialization for a ammo, or mobility upgrade.

MP Unlock: 14,700 Medic Score

4X Rifle Scope

Description: 4X optical rifle sight that increases magnification and accuracy for aimed shots at medium ranges

Field Notes: This scope offers a lot more magnification than the Red Dot Sight, making it better suited for targeting enemies at greater distances. Do not bother equipping it on weapons that have poor accuracy at intermediate or long ranges. This scope is most effective when attached to assault rifles, and Light Machine Guns. The 4x does reduce your peripheral vision when zoomed in. This scope can also be attached to Sniper Rifles, offering less magnification than their standard-issue 6X Scopes.

MP Unlock: 17,900 Medic Score

Medic Improved Range

Description: A modification that extends the range of previously deployed medical kits on the battlefield.  It provides longer range healing to seriously injured personnel.

Field Notes: Use this specialization to increase the range of your med-kits. This uses the 2nd spec slot, so you can combine it with the increased heal rate spec, to greatly increase your range and effectiveness on the Battlefield. This will also greatly increase the chance of gaining heal points.

How it Works: This specialization doubles the range of your med kits. The standard medkit has a range of 3.5 meters. When using this Spec, your med kits will have a effective range of 7 meters.

MP Unlock: 21,300 Medic Score

Medic Improved Heal

Description: This Advanced Medical Kit allows for quick and accurate diagnosis of injured soldiers.  It substantially increases the rate of healing to med kits already deployed on the Battlefield.

Field Notes: Equip this specialization to increased the healing rate of your deployed med-kits. This takes up your 1st spec slot which is reserved for scopes and ammo upgrades so be sure to utilize it by throwing down plenty of med-kits to team-mates.

How it Works: This increases your med kits healing rate by 33% resulting in a faster heal time. Just like the regular med-kit, it has a healing radius of 3.5 meters.

MP Unlock: 11,600 Medic Score

Marksman LMG Training

Description: Light Machine Gun modification that uses a heavy machined barrel when firing down the sight.

Field Notes: This specialization improves the accuracy of your assault rifle. Marksman training only works when your aiming down the sights with a weapon. It does not offer any benefit to hip fire.

How it works: This Specialization reduces bullet spread by 33% on any gun when aiming down the sight.

MP Unlock: 23,500 Medic Score

Life-33  / medic kit
Portable healing station
Deploy to heal nearby wounded soldiers
Contains a limited amount of healing supplies


Additional advanced medical equipment to diagnose and heal injuries speeds the healing effect of your  deployed medkits

Higher capacity medkit increased the effective healing range of you deployed medkits

Automated external defibrillator (AED) allows a medic to restore life to wounded soldiers. (Use on healthy soldiers is inadvisable…)


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