Engineer Class Unlocks

Battlefield Bad Company 2 BFBC2: Engineer Class Unlocks

The engineer is just as helpful to a friendly tank driver as he is deadly to the enemy’s. There are some important unlocks you’ll need for good efficiency first, but they don’t take that long to get. For me, I had the repair tool right from the start, even though I supposedly had to unlock it, so your results may differ, but you’ll also get the extremely useful Anti-Tank mines and some very solid shotgun options once you’ve ranked up a few times.

My favorite load-out is the tracer dart gun and the first unlocked rocket to set up some great guided missiles you can fire from behind cover, along with the Saiga semi-auto shotgun with the ammo upgrade that lets you pack 12 rounds into the chamber instead of six. This ensures a kill on a soldier even at medium range as long as you’ve got half-decent aim and the time required to fire all twelve shots. You’ll need to play as the engineer for a while to unlock these, but you’ll be a rare and very valuable part of most teams.

But you also need to be sneaky when you’re dealing with enemy vehicles. You can see where the occupants are aiming, so choose the moments when they’re not looking to pop out and fire an RPG, then quickly find different cover to fire the next from. And the mines can be shot and blown up, so take care when laying them down and make sure to put them in tough-to-see spots that are still well-traveled, like inside blast craters, in dark areas, or at the top of an incline. Hell, you can even use AT mines to damage MCOMs or set traps for enemy foot soliders if you play it right!

Finally, don’t be afraid to fire the RPG at things other than enemy vehicles. If an enemy ducks into a house and you’re relatively sure he’s on the other side of a thin wall that you can see, fire your RPG right at the wall to take it (and often your enemy) out at the same time.

A comprehensive chart has been posted here that shows weapon damage.

Weapon Unlocked at
9A91 Avtomat Default
Repair tool Default
Scar L Carbine Sub Machine Gun 2,500 Engineer Score
Red Dot Sight 11,100 Engineer Score
4X Rifle Scope 13,500 Engineer Score
XM8 Compact Sub Machine Gun 16,000 Engineer Score
Marksman SMG Training 21,300 Engineer Score
UZI Sub Machine Gun 26,000 Engineer Score
PP-2000 Sub Machine Gun 32,000 Engineer Score
UMP 45 Sub Machine Gun 43,000 Engineer Score
Anti-tank Mine Unknown, let us know!
RPG Unknown, let us know!
M136 – AT4 Unknown, let us know!

9A91 Avtomat

This Russian compact carbine assault rifle is designed for high-caliber ammunition inflicting lethal damage in close-quarter battles. High mobility and silence capabilities make it popular among the Russian Police.

Unlocked Out of Box

Scar L Carbine Sub Machine Gun

This SCAR Light model is designed for various barrel-size modifications and is compatible with a bevy of ammunition types. The rifle’s stealthy silencer and frame has made it the weapon of choice of the SOCOM Forces.

Unlocked with 2,500 Kit Points

XM8 Compact Sub Machine Gun

Adopted by the Red Army, this fully automatic carbine rifle was designed primarily for use with special forces such as the airborne infantry and rear-echelon support groups because of its considerable maneuverability.

Unlocked with 16,000 Kit Points

UZI Sub Machine Gun

This legendary Israeli submachine gun was designed for personal defense, proving to be very effective in securing confined areas. It’s a reliable choice among countless ground forces.

Unlocked with 26,000 Kit Points

PP-2000 Sub Machine Gun

This modern submachine gun has the unique ability to store a 40-round magazine at the rear, where it also functions as a stock. Designed for personal defense and close-quarter combat, it is often used by SWAT.

Unlocked with 32,000 Kit Points

UMP 45 Sub Machine Gun

This German-built, 25-round, fully automatic submachine gun is noted for its versatility, optimal mobility, and silencer, making it a suitable choice for ground forces engaged in close-quarter combat.

Unlocked with 43,000 Kit Points

Red Dot Sight

Description: A highly effective optical sight providing enhanced point and shoot capability for close quarter combat.  It does not emit a laser and therefore is considered a “passive” aiming device.

Field Notes: The Red Dot Sight offers a more precise view when aiming down the sights. Most players will find it much easier to engage targets from mid to long range with this scope. If your comfortable enough with the iron sights, you might want to skip this specialization for a ammo, or mobility upgrade.

MP Unlock: 11,100 Engineer Score

4X Rifle Scope

Description: 4X optical rifle sight that increases magnification and accuracy for aimed shots at medium ranges

Field Notes: This scope offers a lot more magnification than the Red Dot Sight, making it better suited for targeting enemies at greater distances. Do not bother equipping it on weapons that have poor accuracy at intermediate or long ranges. This scope is most effective when attached to assault rifles, and Light Machine Guns. The 4x does reduce your peripheral vision when zoomed in. This scope can also be attached to Sniper Rifles, offering less magnification than their standard-issue 6X Scopes.

MP Unlock: 13,500 Engineer Score

Marksman SMG Training

Description: A custom made Silencer that improves harmonics and tightens tolerances. Increases accuracy when aiming down the sights.

Field Notes: This specialization improves the accuracy of your submachine gun. Marksman training only works when your aiming down the sights with a weapon. It does not offer any benefit to hip fire.

How it works: This Specialization reduces bullet spread by 33% on any gun when aiming down the sight.

MP Unlock: 21,300 Engineer Score

Pwr-500 / Repair tool
Hoff3k power tool
Allows fast repairs for vehicles on the front line
The best friend of engineers and their toys

Atm-00 anti-tank mine
Proximity triggered anti-tank mine
Multiple mines maybe required to defeat
Heavily armoured vehicles
Equipped with friend or foe recognition system

Extremely common Russian man-portable antitank launcher
Unguided unless the target is tagged with a tracer dart limited splash damage against soft targets


M2cg / tracer dart gun
Swedish multipurpose recoilless rifle limited effect against heavily armour highly effective versus personnel can lock onto tracer darts

M136 – at4
Swedish antiarmor weapon modified with a optical guidance system that allows the missile to home in on the launchers target can not lock onto tracer darts


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