Recon Class Unlocks

Battlefield Bad Company 2 BFBC2: Recon Class Unlocks

The sniper, as in BF2142, is  a hybrid class of classic sniper and Spec-ops because of a variety of sniper rifles and explosives. As a scout, his motion sensors are used to mark the opponent(s) on the minimap for teammate termination.

Weapon Unlocked at
M24 Sniper Rifle Default
Type 88 Sniper Rifle 2,200 Recon Score
SV98 Sniper Rifle 6,000 Recon Score
4X Rifle Scope 7,900 Recon Score
12X High Power Scope 10,000 Recon Score
Red Dot Sight 12,400 Recon Score
SVU Snaiperskaya Short Sniper Rifle 15,000 Recon Score
Sniper Spotting Scope 17,100 Recon Score
GOL Sniper Magnum 21,000 Recon Score
VSS Snaiperskaya Special Sniper Rifle 26,000 Recon Score
M95 Sniper Rifle 34,000 Recon Score
Mortar Unknown, let us know!
Motion Sensor Unknown, let us know!
C4 Explosives Unknown, let us know!

M24 Sniper Rifle

Originally designed to use the .30-06 (thirty-aught-six) Magnum cartridge, the rifle was eventually re-chambered to use the 7.62mm NATO round. This however did not detract from the range or the stopping power, as the M24 still proves popular with sniper teams worldwide.

Unlocked Out of Box

Type 88 Sniper Rifle

The QBU-88 (or Type 88) is a new-generation Chinese semiautomatic bullpup rifle used as a marksman weapon rather than a sniper rifle. It is intended to engage targets beyond assault-rifle range. Able to employ various optics, the weapon has backup iron sights and a 10-round magazine.

Unlocked with 2,200 Kit Points

SV98 Sniper Rifle

An ambidextrous bolt-action rifle capable of neutralizing targets up to a range of 1,000 meters, the SV98 is designed to allow various optical system configurations. It is popular with Russian police and anti-terrorist units.

Unlocked with 6,000 Kit Points

SVU Snaiperskaya Short Sniper Rifle

Sacrificing stopping power and accuracy, the bullpup design is based on the Dragonov SVD. It comes standard with a suppressor and backup iron sights. The SVU was originally designed for the Russian Airborne but was adopted by police forces for urban operations.

Unlocked with 15,000 Kit Points

GOL Sniper Magnum

With outstanding accuracy and Mauser reliability, this rifle provides exceptional performance in difficult operational situations. Its extremely long range and pinpoint accuracy make it the rifle of choice with German Police agencies and counter-terrorist units.

Unlocked with 21,000 Kit Points

VSS Snaiperskaya Special Sniper Rifle

Specifically designed for special operations, the VSS is compact, silenced and chambered to use subsonic 9mm ammunition. The round differs from a standard 9mm in that it delivers more energy and penetrating capability up to a range of 400 meters.

Unlocked with 26,000 Kit Points

M95 Sniper Rifle

A bolt-action variant of the semiautomatic M82A1, the M95’s bullpup layout reduces size but maintains overall barrel length. Its primary roles are anti-material and counter-sniper operations.

Unlocked with 34,000 Kit Points

Red Dot Sight

Description: A highly effective optical sight providing enhanced point and shoot capability for close quarter combat.  It does not emit a laser and therefore is considered a “passive” aiming device.

Field Notes: The Red Dot Sight offers a more precise view when aiming down the sights. Most players will find it much easier to engage targets from mid to long range with this scope. If your comfortable enough with the iron sights, you might want to skip this specialization for a ammo, or mobility upgrade.

MP Unlock: 12,400 Recon Score

4X Rifle Scope

Description: 4X optical rifle sight that increases magnification and accuracy for aimed shots at medium ranges

Field Notes: This scope offers a lot more magnification than the Red Dot Sight, making it better suited for targeting enemies at greater distances. Do not bother equipping it on weapons that have poor accuracy at intermediate or long ranges. This scope is most effective when attached to assault rifles, and Light Machine Guns. The 4x does reduce your peripheral vision when zoomed in. This scope can also be attached to Sniper Rifles, offering less magnification than their standard-issue 6X Scopes.

MP Unlock: 7,900 Recon Score

12X High Power Scope

Description: A highly efficient compliment to sniper rifles, this 12X optical sight intensifies zoom power while also providing substantially longer range accuracy.  It allows greater stand off striking capability and target engagement.

Field Notes: This High power scope should be used when engaging targets from a very long range. It offers double the range than the standard issue 6x sniper scope. This scope is best utilized on huge maps such as Isla Inocentes, Arica Harbor, and Port Valdez, however, it can be effective in any of the maps.

MP Unlock: 10,000 Recon Score

Sniper Spotting Scope

Description: A pivotal advancement in enemy tracking devices, this computer assisted Spotting Scope can pin-point and communicate enemy positions in real-time to the rest of your Squad.

Field Notes: This Scope does not increase magnification at all. Instead it automatically spots targets that you have in your cross-airs. When it spots someone, their position is automatically relayed  to your entire squad. When using this scope, try playing purely a support role, by finding a good elevated secluded position and spot enemies all match long. If you do not fire, then you may well live the entire round. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

How it Works: Automatically spots enemies that you have in your cross-airs within a 75 Meter Range.

MP Unlock: 17,100 Recon Score

Line of sight radio targeting designator for 120mm mortar bombs effective against enemy armour, personnel and structures

Motion Sensor
Portable sensor detects human biometric and vehicle acoustic emissions and displays their position on the minimap limited battery life and range

C-4 Explosives
Plastic explosives that stick to most hard surfaces stable when carried but volatile when deployed detonated by remote

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