Assault Class Unlocks

Battlefield Bad Company 2 BFBC2: Assault Class Unlocks

The Assault,  a whole new role by wearing needed more ammunition for his teammates is in addition to his perfect double for the melee appropriate equipment suitable for fighting on the front line, as he also ensures that his fellow athletes did not run out of ammunition and that the fire power of their own team is not interrupted.

In addition, the storm troops more gadgets are available that allow players to earn some benefits for themselves and their team.  That would represent on the one side of the grenade launcher, for the simple walls no obstacle.  When properly implemented, can be finding its way through certain areas, did not reckon with those of the enemy.  In addition, the mortars may present with a corresponding degree of damage is a danger to vehicles or even entire buildings, and thus the enemy in decisive situations very well be fatal.

But also by a smoke grenade launcher can obfuscate the Assault on great distances certain areas and thus confuse the opponent team, or to protect our own.  As the last of the toys can be alternatively fall Assault with a shotgun plug into the fight, which may well represent a good use of life insurance.

A comprehensive chart has been posted here that shows weapon damage. Also check out Guide To The Assault’s 40mm Launcher

Weapon Unlocked at
AEK 970 Assault Rifle Default
Ammunition box Default
XM8 Prototype Assault Rifle 3,000 Assault Score
F2000 Assault Rifle 8,000 Assault Score
Red Dot Sight 13,900 Assault Score
4X Rifle Scope 17,000 Assault Score
STG .77 Assault Rifle 20,000 Assault Score
Marksman Assault Rifle Training 23,500 Assault Score
AN94 Abakan Assault Rifle 28,000 Assault Score
M416 Assault Rifle 35,000 Assault Score
M16A2 Assault Rifle 47,000 Assault Score
40mm Grenade Launcher Unknown, let us know!
40mm Smoke Launcher Unknown, let us know!
40mm Shotgun Attachment Unknown, let us know!

With the variety of environments that Bad Company 2 has to offer, there are many play-styles and tactics the player can use; from the urban jungles to… well, just the jungle, and from open deserts to shrouded tundra, the immersive maps in Bad Company 2 add more than just eye candy in the game.

The advent of destructibility, too, completes how much the environments affect the outcome of firefights. This poses a lot of variables the Assault class has to take into consideration: average range of engagement, mobility in the environment, and visibility are all obstacles the venerable Assault class has to deal with in order to keep the battlefield clear of enemies. The following is a guide which should help players find their niche in gameplay; remember, in Battlefield there is no “best” weapon. Rather, the player finds the weapon that is “best” tailored to their gameplay.


Distinguishing themselves with rear loading magazines and compact designs, bullpups represent the CQB, or close quarters combat, segment of Assault Rifles. Generally firing at a high rate of fire (ROF), these rifles are great for putting a large amount of firepower in at shorter, closer distances.

Automatic Rifles

The Automatic Rifle segment represents the Assault Rifles best suited for medium ranges, but are very adaptable and versatile; their statistics allow for the adaptability for longer or shorter ranges. Another thing worth noting is that their iron sights are very open and clean, allowing for better CQB target acquisition, and that they can be shot in bursts or in single shots, allowing for better long-range accuracy. In addition, the base damage values are pretty much indifferent.

Burst Rifles

The Burst Rifle Segment represents the rifles suited more for longer ranges. The accuracy ratings are higher, but they don’t fire in automatic modes. Rather, they fire in bursts of either 2 or 3 shots per trigger pull. Although they can perform moderately well in medium ranges, it isn’t really recommended for use in CQB. In addition, the iron sights are a bit more cluttered than the ones in the automatic rifle segment.

AEK 970 Assault Rifle

The AEK-971 “Vintovka” is the default assault rifle, and is probably very familiar to most players. What makes the AEK-971 an attractive choice is it’s higher rate of fire, but it maintains a decent accuracy rating. This allows it to be versatile in either shorter ranges, due to it’s higher rate of fire, but also allows the shooter to pick out targets at longer ranges. Again, the Automatic Rifles segment represent the more well-rounded segment, but the AEK-971 leans more toward the medium-shorter range, but not in the sense that the AUG does.

The AEK-971 does well with either marksman training or magnum ammunition; the former compliments the higher rate of fire and will put more rounds on target faster, while the latter simply compliments the AEK-971’s tendency to lean towards medium-short ranges.

Unlocked Out of Box

XM8 Prototype Assault Rifle

The XM8-P, the second rifle earned, is one of the more well-rounded Assault Rifles. Sharing similar characteristics with the AEK-971 and M416, the XM8-P may be one of the most well rounded choices. It trades off rate of fire for increased accuracy, allowing for longer range control and it even helps with pulling off single shots. Another thing worth noting is its relatively short reload time.

Again, either the marksman training or magnum ammunition works well with the XM8-P, but because the XM8-P is so well rounded, the Body Armor package is also recommended, or if you fancy the grenade upgrade in place of an optical sight, the explosive package also works well.

Unlocked with 3,000 Kit Points

F2000 Assault Rifle

The F2000,  represents the rifle best suited for intense CQB; it has the highest rate of fire of them all, and it’s damage is only a hair away from the XM8’s base damage and is tied with the M16A2 and AEK-971. In buildings, down corridors, or in face to face situations, the F2000 is a good bet. What it makes up for in large volumes of firepower, it lacks in accuracy. It isn’t advisable to use in long range situations, although a good player can adapt to it, due to it’s inherit nature to spit out 2-4 rounds per trigger squeeze, and most of the time the rounds won’t hit reliably enough at long range.

With that being said, the F2000 really shines when hip-firing or firing on the move. Because it has such a large rate of fire and volume of fire, you can effectively move and fire at the same time and still down targets. If you find yourself using this “strafe and shoot” tactic, the Marksman Assault Rifle package is probably your best bet as it increases both sight accuracy and hip firing accuracy. Otherwise, magnum ammunition is recommended; the damage is comparable to the AEK-971, M16A2, and XM8-P meaning in CQB, you will most likely deal more damage in a shorter amount of time against longer-range rifles.

Unlocked with 8,000 Kit Points

STG .77 Assault Rifle

The Steyr.77 AUG, represents the next bullpup in the segment. Trading off the F2000’s high rate of fire for a large damage increase and a slight accuracy increase, the Steyr.77 AUG is effective in CQB, but just not the same extreme as the F2000. In the AUG’s case, it still allows you to perform extremely well in buildings and urban areas, but will also provide the accuracy for shooting enemies at slightly longer ranges. Another area it shines in is bringing down targets in the open, such as running down roads or fields.

One thing about the AUG players should take note of is its extremely high damage output, and with that being said the magnum ammunition perk is a must. It is semi-useless to equip the marksman assault package because that will just round out the AUG… which in that case it would be better to equip the M416 or XM8 (see further down). Equipping the Magnum ammunition will make use of the already high damage output, and will help the AUG become a seriously efficient killing machine in the shorter-medium ranges.

Unlocked with 20,000 Kit Points

AN94 Abakan Assault Rifle

The AN-94 is a unique rifle that is unlocked 5th of the group. In true authenticity, the AN-94 “Abakan” fires in 2-shot bursts in a very accurate manner. In comparison to the M416, the more accurate automatic rifle, well, the values are completely flipped. You’ll notice the AN-94 has the same accuracy, but the rate of fire and damage values are opposite one another. This makes for a longer suited rifle that conserves ammunition and puts an emphasis on more damage per bullet, but with less bullets. It is the closest thing a player can choose to a semi-automatic rifle with a 40mm attachment.

In the same fashion as the M416, the marksman accuracy specialization will turn the AN-94 into more of a longer-range rifle, but the magnum ammunition specialization works even better; magnum rounds turn the AN-94 – the rifle with the highest damage value – into the rifle with an even higher damage value. However, because of its slow rate of fire (the slowest in fact), its damage output isn’t the same as a bullpup’s value at short range, or an automatic’s at medium range.

Unlocked with 28,000 Kit Points

M416 Assault Rifle

The M416, the 6th rifle earned, shares many characteristics with the XM8-P. In fact, the M416 is the closest rifle the player can choose that has almost equal values across the board. In comparison with the XM8-P, the M416 trades just the slightest rate of fire for just the slightest accuracy bonus. Although it may not be noticeable, the M416 is slightly geared for medium-longer ranges. In some cases, it may just come down to personal preference against the XM8-P.

Marksman training is my preferred specialization with the M416 due to its inherent high accuracy rating. It works well with a 4x ACOG scope, too, due to its high base accuracy and slightly slower rate of fire, allowing players to single shot targets a lot easier. Couple it with the marksman training specialization and you may end up with a marksman designation. However, the same recommendations from the XM8-P apply to the M416 too; anything compliments this choice.

Unlocked with 35,000 Kit Points

M16A2 Assault Rifle

The M16A2 is the last Assault rifle unlocked, and proves to be one of the sexiest looking rifles, as well. What stands the M16A2 apart is its iconic 3-shot burst function and its admirable accuracy. Although it says it has a high rate of fire, it is referring to the speed of the 3-round burst, which is remarkably fast. You still have to fire for each burst, and it isn’t recommended for hip-firing due to the crosshairs when hip-firing not representing the actual accuracy; this distorts the player’s ability to effectively hip-fire the accurate 3-shot bursts on target.
Another trade off is the higher reload time… although it looks and sounds cool

The M16A2 damage value is the same as F2000 and AEK-971, and magnum ammunition will help… but only to an extent. At longer ranges, something the M16A2 can actually handle, it’s best to use marksman training to allow all 3 shots to hit on target, and may even help with headshots, too. Nonetheless, the M16A2 proves to be a killing machine when used properly, as you can probably tell by the gold star taken from my screenshot.

Unlocked with 47,000 Kit Points

Red Dot Sight

Description: A highly effective optical sight providing enhanced point and shoot capability for close quarter combat.  It does not emit a laser and therefore is considered a “passive” aiming device.

Field Notes: The Red Dot Sight offers a more precise view when aiming down the sights. Most players will find it much easier to engage targets from mid to long range with this scope. If your comfortable enough with the iron sights, you might want to skip this specialization for a ammo, or mobility upgrade.

MP Unlock: 13,900 Assault Score

4X Rifle Scope

Description: 4X optical rifle sight that increases magnification and accuracy for aimed shots at medium ranges

Field Notes: This scope offers a lot more magnification than the Red Dot Sight, making it better suited for targeting enemies at greater distances. Do not bother equipping it on weapons that have poor accuracy at intermediate or long ranges. This scope is most effective when attached to assault rifles, and Light Machine Guns. The 4x does reduce your peripheral vision when zoomed in. This scope can also be attached to Sniper Rifles, offering less magnification than their standard-issue 6X Scopes.

MP Unlock: 17,00 Assault Score

Marksman Assault Rifle Training


Description: Assault Rifle modification that uses a fully adjustable fore grip and telescopic stock to custom fit a weapon to its operator.  When properly set, it greatly improves handling characteristics and increases the accuracy of aimed fire.

Field Notes: This specialization improves the accuracy of your assault rifle. Marksman training only works when your aiming down the sights with a weapon. It does not offer any benefit to hip fire.

How it works: This Specialization reduces bullet spread by 33% on any gun when aiming down the sight.

MP Unlock: 23,500 Assault Score

Gl40mm Grenade Launcher
40mm high explosive grenades for the assault rifles underslung launchers
Effective against infantry and light vehicles


Smk40mm Smoke Launcher
40mm smoke grenades for the assault rifles underslung launchers
Provides a visual screen to aid battle field movements
Conceals targets near the point of impact

Sg40mm / Shotgun
40mm shotgun rounds for the assault rifles underslung launchers
Filled with 12 tungsten darts for close range combat
Effectiveness suffers greatly over range


Ammo-2 / Ammunition box
Portable ammunition supply points deploy to replenish ammo for nearby soldiers
Contains a limited amount of resupplies


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