COD Black Ops 2: Weapon Unlocks and Equipment

Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles

AN-94 – Unlocked at level 55. Fully automatic, high capacity and mid-power assault rifle. It’s a decent all-rounder and a good starting point for newcomers.
SMR – Unlocked at level 46. Semi-automatic rifle that packs a mean punch with high damage bursts.It’s also a little slow and cumbersome, so one for long-range pinpoint accuracy.
M8A1 – Unlocked at level 49. The main ally weapon previously known as the XM8. It’s a distant relative of the M4A1 with similar hip-fire accuracy and mid-range usefulness, but fires a 4 round bursts.
Type 25 – Unlocked at level 4. Another recognisable firearm under a new guise. This fully auto assault rifle is just like the Type 95 in Modern Warfare 3 (post-patch unfortunately). Its high rate of fire and low recoil still make it a valid option.
SA-58 – A new addition to the armoury, this assault rifles greatest strength is its light recoil and range. It takes some mastering but packing some decent damage and with a decent range it’s worth your consideration.
SLG 556 – Unlocked at level 4. One of the most powerful additions to Black Ops II’s weapon list, the SLG 556 fires powerful 3 round bursts that reward accuracy. No very newbie friendly but it will feel comfortable for veteran players.
SCAR-H – Unlocked at level 40. The SCAR range of assault rifles has become a firm favorite with fans. Once again it’s fully automatic and has great stats all round.


M1216 – Unlocked at level 52. Fully automatic with firing four quick shots for mid damage before switching chambers. It’s not too bad at mid-range either.
Saiga-12 – Unlocked at level 4. A semi-automatic shotgun with great short range damage. A fast and deadly option for runners.
R-870 MCS – Unlocked at level 4. A pump-action shotgun with crazy damage and a decent range and speed. One for pros.

Light Machine Guns

LSAT – Unlocked at level 13. A versatile fully automatic LMG with good stats all-round. It’s not particularly potent at long-range but absolutely tears through enemies up close.
QBB LSW – Unlocked at level 4. Another weapon with a familiar name, the QBB functions almost identically to the L86 LSW. It also has the highest rate of fire in its class.
MK 48 – Unlocked at level 4. The clear choice in the category, the fully-automatic MK 48 deals out decent damage at all ranges.

Sniper Rifles

DSR 50 – Unlocked at level 52. Bolt-action that’s rather cumbersome but it will stop any enemy dead in their tracks with any well-aimed shot from the waist up.
SVU-AS – Unlocked at level 4. A good choice is you want to reduce your recoil. This semi-automatic sniper rifle is low on damage but high on fire rate.
Ballista – Unlocked at level 43. A bolt action sniper rifle with a deadly blast. It’s best feature is its fast handling speeds, which can get you out of a few sticky situations.

Sub-Machine Guns

MP7 – Unlocked at level 4. Returning from Modern Warfare 3, the MP7 is once again a lightning-fast fully-automatic SMG. A versatile and strong choice for the discerning player.
Chicom CQB – Unlocked at level 37. A new addition to the weapons list. This SMG features a 3 round burst and a high cyclic fire rate.
PDW-57 – Unlocked at level 4. This is the beast of the category. Fully-automatic with a long range and the largest ammo capacity in its class.
Skorpion EVO III – Unlocked at level ??. This was a popular choice during our multiplayer bouts. Fully-automatic with the highest rate of fire in its class, it is absolutely devastating at close range and doesn’t fair too bad at mid-range either.
MSMC – Unlocked at level 28. Another new entry. This fully-automatic SMG is designed for long-range with a reduced recoil rate.
Vector K10 – Unlocked at level 16.


Assault Shield – Unlocked at level 34. The spruced-up Assault Shield still takes a few hits to kill an enemy, but it can now be deployed in the ground for instant cover.

Secondary Weapons


RPG – Unlocked at level 40.
SMAW- Unlocked at level 4.
FJH-18AA – Unlocked at level 4. Vehicle lock-on only, two rockets



Scorestreak and Other Weapons

Death Machine – Unlocked at 850 Scorestreak.
War Machine – Unlocked at 900 Scorestreak.
Crossbow – Unlocked at level 25.
Combat Knife

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