COD Black Ops 2: Scorestreaks / Killstreaks


Formally known as Killstreaks, Scorestreaks are rewards given to a player for stringing together enough points without any deaths. Each Scorestreak reward has a score requirement, a number that needs to be achieved in order for the reward to be earned. A player’s score goes up based on their actions in-game – kills, captures or plants. But what also helps are the special plays made along the way, like defending an objective or scoring a double kill. The extra points earned from these actions now benefit a player’s climb towards bigger and better rewards. If a player dies at any time, their score is reset and they’ll need to build it up again.

Black Ops 2 Scorestreak Rewards:

  • RC-XD  — A remote-controlled car packed with explosives (325 points)
  • UAV — Shows enemies on the mini-map (375 points)
  • Hunter Killer — Airborne drone that seeks out and destroys a nearby target (400 points)
  • Care Package — Air drop a random Score Streak (450 points)
  • Counter-UAV — Temporarily disables enemy radar (475 points)
  • Guardian — Projects microwave field which stuns and impairs enemies (500 points)
  • Hellstorm Missile — An air-to-surface missile which can be scattered into a cluster bomb while falling (525 points)
  • Lightning Strike — Launch a coordinated lightning strike on three locations (550 points)
  • Death Machine — Your own personal handheld mini-gun (600 points)
  • Sentry Gun — An automatic sentry gun which can be remote-controlled (650 points)
  • War Machine — Grenade launcher with rapid, semi-automatic firing (700 points)
  • Dragonfire — Remote-controlled quad-rotor with lightweight machine gun (725 points)
  • AGR — Air drop an autonomous ground robot that searches for and destroys enemies and can be remote controlled (800 points)
  • Stealth Chopper — Call in a stealth helicopter which does not appear on the enemy’s mini-map (850 points)
  • Orbital VSAT — Shows both enemy position and direction on the mini-map, cannot be shot down (900 points)
  • Escort Drone — Get personal air support from an escort drone (1000 points)
  • Warthog — Jet aircraft that provides close air support with several strafe runs (1025 points)
  • EMP Systems — Temporarily disables enemy electronics (1050 points)
  • Lodestar — Lase missile targets remotely from the Lodestar (1150 points)
  • VTOL Warship — Be the gunner of a powerful VTOL Warship (1200 points)
  • Canine Unit — Attack dogs that hunt down the enemy (1275 points)
  • Swarm — Call in a swarm of lethal Hunter Killer drones that search and destroy enemies (1400 points)


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