COD Black Ops 2: Kill Metals

Medal XP Requirement
Afterlife 100 Killed the enemy after you died
Avenger 100 Kill an enemy who recently killed a teammate
Backstabber 100 Knife an enemy in the back
Blackout 100 Destroyed an enemy UAV
BloodThirsty 250 Killed 5 enemies without dying
Brutal ? Kill 25 enemies without dying
Chopped Up ? Kill an enemy with a Combat Axe
Buzzkill 100 Killed an enemy to stop their streak
Comeback 100 Kill an enemy after you died three or more times
Double Kill 100 Kill two enemies within a short amount of time
First Blood 500 Kill the first enemy of the game
Headshot 100 Kill an enemy by shooting them in their head
Long Shot 250 Killed an enemy with a long distance shot
Merciless ? Kill 10 enemies without dying
Nuclear ? Kill 30 enemies without dying
One Shot, One Kill 100 Killed the enemy (at full health) with one shot from a Sniper Rifle
Revenge 100 Kill the enemy who killed you last
Relentless ? Kill 20 enemies without dying
Ruthless ? Kill 15 enemies without dying
Stick ? Stick an enemy with Semtex
Survivor 100 Killed the enemy when severly injured
Triple Kill 250 Kill three enemies within a short amount of time
Unstoppable ? Kill 35 (and each after) enemies without dying
Efficiency 500 Kill 2 enemies with one bullet

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