COD MW3 Modern Warfare 3: How To Report Hackers

In light of the news that Infinity Ward is finally starting, although in small numbers, to use their ban hammer against cheaters, here are the steps you can take to help with the effort in reporting hacker scum.


To report hackers on these consoles, Infinity Ward was kind enough to place an in-game report button in the lobby. Easy-peazy.


For some strange reason, Infinity Ward left out the in-game report button on the PC version where most hackers live. You can report them via Steam however.

First, launch Steam, then hit “View” in the menu bar.

Next, look for “Players”.

Then, find the hacker, and hit “Profile” next to his name.

Once you see the hacker’s profile, click on “Report Violation”.

Make sure you check “Suspected Cheater”, add some details, and hit “Submit”


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