COD MW3 Modern Warfare 3: How to change your NAT type to open


The goal is to have an OPEN NAT in order to host Spec Ops games and get a wider selection of MP matches to join.

Option 1: Port Forwarding (recommended)

PS3 / XBOX / PC:

1. Assign your PC a static IP

XBOX Static IP

PS3 Static IP


2.Log into your router and forward port 3074 and 27000-27050 to the static IP you established in step 1

3. DONE!
Step by step show at Just select your router model, then select COD MW3. Pretty pics will show you the way to an open NAT

Here’s the one for my model router:

Option 2: DMZ (would not recommend)
1. Dmz your PS3/XBOX/PC if the port forwarding doesn’t work.
2. Step 1-3 in option 1 to be repeated on a different router.  You must port forward as well as dmz on this router otherwise you will get a moderate nat type.
Option 3:

Log into your router and turn on UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), most routers have this option in the Administration tab.

Also ensure that under your security options that Anonymous NAT Redirection is allowed and is not filtered. This may also be referred to as ‘Filter InternetNAT Redirection’ – in which case you want this disabled.

For more information on enabling UPnP on your router, visit your router manufacturer’s website. A few of the most popular router web sites are listed below:

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