BFBC2 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Weapons List

Here is a brief introduction to the weapons of Bad Company 2 Vietnam.

Assault Weapons


The M16A1 was introduced during the Vietnam War as a replacement for the M14 rifle. It has since then been the primary rifle of the US army and many other nations.


Developed in Russia in the 1940s, the AK47 has become the world’s most popular and widely used assault rifle thanks to its reliability and stopping power.


The M14 is a select fire battle rifle developed from the M1 Garand. Although replaced by the M16 during the Vietnam War, many soldiers still prefered the M14, claiming the M16 lacked essential firepower.


A 40 mm grenade launcher, called “Thumper” or “Bloop tube” by soldiers due to its distinct firing sound. It increases the firepower of infantrymen by allowing them to fire accurate, high explosive projectiles.

Engineer Weapons


An American made machine pistol with a telescopic bolt that wraps around the barrel, allowing for a very compact design. Used by special forces units during the Vietnam War.


Russian made submachine gun designed with simplicity and mass production in mind. Almost 6 million PPSh machine pistols have been manufactured and users commend its low recoil and close range firepower.


This legendary Israeli submachine gun was designed for personal defense, proving to be very effective in securing confined areas. It’s a reliable choice among countless ground forces.


Russian 85mm Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher used against armor, fortifications and personnel.

Medic Weapons


Utilizing design elements from the WW II MG42, the M60 was introduced in 1957 and has been the workhorse of every branch of the U.S. Military. It has gone through several modifications but is slowly being phased out by the M240.


Designed to replace the RPD machine gun and standardize the Red Army small arms, this 7.62 light machine gun uses the same ammunition as the AKM assault rifle, but features an extended barrel and foldable bipod.


A modular weapon system designed in the 1960s. This weapon saw action only as part of certain teams of U.S. Navy SEALs. Complexity and high maintenance doomed the project, despite good performance in the field.

Recon Weapons


The U.S. Army needed a sniper rifle in Vietnam and refitted high quality M14s with scope and match grade ammunition. Designated M21, this remained the primary sniper rifle until 1990.


Widely used in the former Warsaw pact countries with an effective range of 800 meters. This semi-automatic marksman rifle is intended to be used as part of regular infantry, unlike dedicated sniper rifles.


A modified version of a strong and simple design, dating back to the 1940s. It first saw action in Vietnam, and has since undergone several updates and is in service to this day.

All Kit Weapons


The 870 Modular Combat Shotgun is a powerful shotgun ideal in close quarters battle where breaching and stopping power is critical. It can be configured for multi-mission roles with various ammunition.

M1 Garand

The father of the M14 assault rifle, the inaugural standard issue semi-automatic rifle was utilized by the US army in WWII. This weapon is full value due to its awesome power and accuracy from long range.

M1 Thompson

The new installment of the “Tommy Gun”, This 30 round fully automatic submachine gun was adopted by the US army and the allies in WWII. Possessing .45 caliber stopping power complimented by firing 600 rounds per minute and a notably mobile frame.


Portable flamethrower capable of producing a jet of burning fuel. Ideal for clearing out bunkers and other tight spaces.


A favorite sidearm among special forces this 7 round semi-automatic pistol boasts a .45 caliber stopping power enabling the operator to dispose of an opponent with lethal close range fire.


This Russian made 7.62 caliber pistol was designed in the 1930’s and was the main sidearm for the Red Army during WWII. It’s renowned for its accuracy and ruggedness.



Portable welding tool for emergency repairs. Caution! Keep away from burning flame.


Emergency medical supplement. Strong chemical compound capable of reverting cardiac arrest. Warning: misuse can be fatal.


Explosive compound bound with adhesive material. Can be stuck to most dry surfaces and manually detonated. Keep a safe distance.

The gadgets of Vietnam are functionally identical to their counterparts in vanilla Bad Company 2. The 40MM grenade launcher for assaults is replaced with the M79 grenade launcher, engineers get an RPG-7 as normal and medics get syringes that serve as defibrillators. Recons are a special case, as they get both TNT, a C4 replacement, and the mortar, to make up for their lack of motion mines.

Specializations are the same as Bad Company 2, although red dot and ACOG scopes are missing, as is the vehicle sensor packages perk. The coaxial machine gun has also been replaced with a coaxial flamethrower.


Here are a few suggested loadouts for you to play with, which I believe provide the strongest options in Vietnam.

Assault: AK-47 w/ magnum ammo and lightweight
Engineer: PPSh w/ magnum ammo and lightweight
Medic: XM22 w/ magnum ammo and increased healing speed
Recon: M40 w/ magnum ammo and 12x scope

I’ve chosen Magnum Ammo for all these loadouts, as in Vietnam you tend to rely on foliage rather than physical objects for cover. In this way, you’re hard to spot, but once you are spotted you tend to die quickly. This contrasts with vanilla Bad Company 2, where you frequently take random bullets whilst moving from cover to cover, and therefore a bit of body armor can keep you alive long enough to seek shelter. Players more prone to camping might prefer additional ammo or explosive damage, particularly as an Engineer. Recons can also benefit from lightweight if they’re spending a lot of time chasing vehicles with C4.

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