COD Black Ops Weapon Guide

More than any Call Of Duty, Black Ops selection of weapons is far more balanced than ever before. We have the details of every tool here, and where they can best be utilized to make the decision of what to spend your credits on that little bit easier.

Note that Damage Charts are located here:
COD Black Ops Weapon / Grenade Damage Chart


Sub-machine Guns

Best with: ACOG
Considering the damage over distance of this starting sub-machine gun means you may never want to swap out of this weapon anyway. You will want to remain stationary and use short bursts over greater distances, since the recoil can cause you to miss a couple of shots and, inevitably, the kill. Scoping with an ACOG will give you extra range to counter this.

Best with: Rapid Fire
The range on this weapon is abominable over any kind of long distance. If that’s your preferred style, avoid this weapon entirely. It is, however, very accurate – especially from the hip – so perfect for close quarters maps like Cracked. Sticking Rapid Fire or Dual Wield on will give you even faster fire-rate, making it unstoppable in one-on-one situations.


Best with: Grip
This is a fairly forgettable weapon in most categories. Its damage is it’s forgiving feature, however, which will drop most enemies if you can get the first shots off. Ultimately we’d recommend you hold out for something a little more special. Sticking a Grip on will give you better control over it when attacking your foes.

Best with: Red Dot Sight
Since you’ve no doubt already heard of this weapon, you’re probably aware that it is a decent weapon. And the same is true in Black Ops, covering most bases that you want a sub-machine gun to cover: power, accuracy, range – it’s got it all. For this reason the choice of attachment lies with your preference, a grip for more precise shots over distance or a grenade launcher for those so inclined.

Best with: Grip
Much like the MAC11, the Uzi requires specific situations to really excel. Getting the jump on enemies and in close range combat is really the only way to use this. It’s accuracy and recoil will be the biggest downfall, so shooting from the hip will save the day. Using a grip will help over distance, but we wouldn’t bother.

Best with: Extended Mag
This is the most accurate of the sub-machine guns, and it packs a punch too. There are very few options available to you with this weapon, which says a lot about how useful it is. The choice is yours then, from a grip for slight accuracy upgrade or extended mag to increase its rather limited clip size.

Best with: Red Dot Sight
A 32 bullet clip makes this practically an assault rifle. Unfortunately, it lacks the punch of bigger weapons so is limited in its use. Best for maps like Havana and Cracked, which have a lot of corners and inside sections, while giving range across the longer stretches – albeit only with short bursts.

Best with: Red Dot Sight
A fairly versatile weapon that excels in no real area. It has a bit of damage but not enough to rival the AK or PM63. It can be used across various distances without worry providing you use single shots, but can also be used in close quarters if needed. A red dot sight will help you with aiming, but switching out for a grip or rapid fire will give you your own playstyle.

Best with: Grip
If you’re not using a grip then make sure you use single shots here, since the unforgiving kick will really put you off. It makes up for this with an excellent range and accuracy, however, that really makes up for it horrible recoil. If you don’t want to use a grip, then the ACOG scope will give you an extra element of distance.

Assault Rifles

Best with: Red Dot Sight
For many this will be the only assault rifle they need. Lucky, then, that it’s also the first rifle. It is a burst fire weapon, however, which may cause a problem – this is easily countered by spamming three or four shots into your enemy, dealing the required damage to take them down. The choice of attachment comes down to play style, but a sight will give you better control over headshots.

Best with: ACOG Sight
Where the M16 is powerful, the Enfield is fast. Because of this it does lack some of accuracy and range, which can be easily negated with attachments, but it is nonetheless an excellent weapon to use in maps like Grid where even distant foes aren’t too far away. Its damage will drop most enemies without a worry.

Best with: Sight
This is the first semi-automatic rifle you can unlock, so if you prefer accurate shots to a spray of bullets you will want to start using this. Unfortunately, its accuracy isn’t as perfect as you might hope, so a grip could be the best option for you. Make you always follow each shot though, since even headshots may not kill automatically.


Best with: Sight
The poor damage of the Famas is improved with its high accuracy and range. You can use burst fire across long distances with no worries, while unloading your clip when racing through corridors. Assault rifles are the most customisable, so attachments are best chosen to suit your gameplay, though a sight will give you more visibility for shots.

Best with: Dual Mag
As one of the most weighted assault rifles with a big clip size, the Galil is for those who want a bit more clout for their money. As a result the recoil can be problematic, especially over greater distances, but for many this isn’t going to be an issue. We’d recommend the Dual Mag if you’re not a Sleight Of Hand user, to make reloads quicker.

Best with: Sight
The AUG is a deadly weapon in the right hands, giving great accuracy with very little recoil. For those who like their shots to hit, this is the best one to go for. The damage is decent enough to allow for close quarters combat too, especially is the Masterkey attachment is added.

Best with: ACOG Sight
Put simply, this is the best single shot assault rifle you can use. Which isn’t surprising considering there are only two. Between this and the M14, pick this one – obviously – since it’s increased damage and spot on accuracy makes it a fearsome weapon in the right hands. An ACOG scope will finish off a deadly long-range package.

Best with: Sight
Everyone’s favourite assault rifle, despite its poor accuracy and recoil. This is a rifle for those who like to be quick and deadly, since it’s damage is unrivalled by its fully automatic peers. If you want a long shot though, use only short bursts. The sight of your choosing is the best option, but don’t worry about adding range to this weapon.

Best with: Sight
This is a very accurate rifle, especially for a full automatic. You will want to use shorter bursts, and gentle trigger presses, to keep it better under control but you won’t have a problem reaching distant foes or dropping nearby enemies. An all-rounder, but a bloody good one. You won’t need any CQC attachments, so a better sight will do.

Best with: Scope
Basically, this is a sniper assault rifle, and is deadly as it sounds. Ridiculously accurate, you’ll be able to drop a stationary enemy with two button presses from an insane distance. It is only burst fire, so it takes a certain type of player to master, but it is nonetheless a beast of a weapon. The only attachments are two variants of scope – the decision of which is yours, dependant on how ranged you’d like to be.

Light Machine Gun

Best with: Red Dot Sight
Call Of Duty has never really been one for LMGs, since their heavy recoils often put most players off – especially in Hardcore. Nothing is different is here, and the HK21 is the most awkward of the bunch, with a lot of recoil making it difficult to utilise. Adding a sight is pretty much all you can do to improve the situation.

Best with: Dual Mag
The RPK is an improvement on the HK21, so it’s the natural successor to that. There is still a great deal of recoil though, but its higher clip will give you a few extra shots when dropping down to defend an objective. Sleight Of Hand will counter the long reload times, otherwise Dual Mag will need to be your attachment of choice.


Best with: Dual Mag
With 100 bullets a clip you can expect that this will take a long time to reload. You will need to learn to keep on to the bullets in the clip, rather than reloading after every kill. The recoil of the M60 is much fairer than the previous two LMGs too, so its powerful bullets won’t take too much controlling. A grip will help reduce kickback too, making it a deadly weapon.

Best with: Sight
This is practically an assault rifle level of accuracy and power, and definitely one worth using. It has low levels of recoil and, if used with gentle button presses and single shots you will be able to take down many of your opponents before they have a chance to react. There are few possible attachments, however, so a choice of sight will be your best option.


Best with: N/A
Though the stats suggest this is the longest range, the truth is far from it. Every shotty seems to have the same range, and you’ll want to get closer for a kill. The damage of the Olympia will keep you safe with a single shot, but the double barrel means if you miss both shots you’ll want to leg it until you can reload.

Best with: Grip
There are four shots with the Stakeout, so if the two of the Olympia isn’t enough then opt for this. Accuracy, range and damage differences seem to be negligible, so the decision is really only how many shots you want available. The grip is the only attachment, so you don’t even need to worry about that decision either.

Best with: Silencer
The damage of the SPAS shotgun is the weakest of the bunch, but it’s high fire rate means you can shell out a few blasts quickly before the lack of damage becomes a problem. As with all shotguns, the closer you are the easier the kill. Bizarrely, if you want to remain quiet with a shotgun, this is your only option for a suppressed weapon.

Best with: Dual Wield
This is the most accurate of the shotguns, with little recoil meaning you can easily follow up one shot without much aim control. Its damage is fair too, so you may only need a couple of blasts before downing an opponent. If you feel like being really bad-ass, try equipping Dual Wield to dominate any close quarters maps.

Sniper Rifles

Best with: Variable Zoom
If you’re one of those snipers that don’t want to think about every shot, then this is the rifle for you. It’s high clip count balances out the poor damage, so prepare to unload a few bullets before you kill an enemy. The Dragunov is fairly accurate too if you’re gentle with the button presses, so don’t worry about impossible headshots.

Best with: Variable Zoom
The lower clip count means this weapon does additional damage. This is a step up from the Dragunov by allowing players the best of both worlds a semi-automatic that deals fairly accurate damage to your enemies. There are only six bullets in a clip to contend with, however.

Best with: Variable Zoom
This rifle’s nature as a bolt-action rifle means it has the highest damage of the collection. This means shots to vital areas such as the head and chest are going to be instant kills. The recoil of the scope, however, will mean if you don’t kill your prey with your first shot, don’t expect them to be hanging around afterwards.


Best with: Variable Zoom
This is the most accurate of all the sniper rifles, and is a powerful semi-automatic to boot. Unfortunately there is a downside, in that its recoil is equally as problematic as the L96A1. You may well be able to down someone with a single shot, but like its predecessor it will be difficult to follow up with another bullet.

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