COD Black Ops Multiplayer Maps

14 maps listed. More details will be posted once the game is released and more info is known about so check back for updates!

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Large-sized multiplayer map

The map features snowy terrain, similar to Summit, but it is much larger.

As the name implies, Array has several or at least one large satellite dish. One can be climbed up and jumped off as shown in Gamestop’s “Surprize Attack” trailer.

This map is good for medium to long range fighting due to its large size.

Sniping may be common, due to the large size of this map. The map somewhat resembles the location in “Sniper Fi,” a Special Ops mission in Modern Warfare 2. Being able to climb up the array, the map’s layout also resembles Rust from the at 11.9.10 death Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which has a climbable tower.


It was first seen being played by community VIPs during the multiplayer reveal for the game. It appears to be the basis for the level “Crash Site” in the single-player campaign. In the middle of the map there is one or two buildings with lots of cracked terrain. This is where the B flag for Domination is located.


Cuban base. Medium size, ideal for indoor and outdoor battles.

Firing Range

Firing Range is a small multiplayer map set in a military practice facility.

Its existence was confirmed during a Treyarch interview. Firing Range is classified as a “small-medium” map, and can be compared to the Call of Duty 4 map “Killhouse” due to its size and the fact that its purpose is military training. Nothing else is known about the map.


Small Russian power grid. Plenty of tactical spots for fighting.


Hanoi is a medium sized prison setting, with a prison and then streets outside. It is a night time map, therefore it is quite dark.

It is confirmed that the location is a North Vietnamese Army prison camp. Nothing else is known currently.


This map appears to have an urban setting, similar to Cracked or Invasion. The map is Operation 40 versus the Tropas.

According to David Vonderhaar of Treyarch Havana is a “medium” sized map, comparable to Invasion from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Teams: Op 40 vs. Tropas
Type of Combat: Long, medium range, and close quarters


This map is set in the Vietnam jungle and as such contains large amounts of foliage. It is categorized by David Vonderhaar of Treyarch as a “large” map, consisting partly of ruins and huts. The map caters for all types of gameplay, from ranged combat to close range and everywhere in between. “Jungle” supports all gamemodes, including all Wager Match variants.

Teams: SOG vs. Viet Cong
Type of Combat: All ranges


Launch is set in a Russian cosmodrome, and features a Soyuz rocket taking off in the background. At some time during the game (set randomly), the rocket will take off, and set alight and kill anyone located beneath the rockets engines. In Search and Destroy, target A is located under the rocket. In Demolition the A bombsite is located under the rocket. A flag will also be located under the rocket in Domination, presumably B as A and C are usually each located near the spawnpoints of each team.


Nuketown is the smallest map in Call of Duty: Black Ops, being slightly smaller than the Call of Duty: World at War map Dome. The map is based upon a village used to demonstrate the effects of a nuclear weapon on a residential area; mannequins as well as accessable buildings and vehicles are shown across the map. According to Vonderhaar, there is a special alley for the RC-XD to travel without the danger of being shot. Nuketown also features an internet meme, the double rainbow.

Teams: Spetsnaz vs. Unknown
Type of Combat: Close Quarters


It is set in an abandoned power station. The map features a conveyor belt which leads to a fiery death. There is also a trap door, like a silo hatch, that can be opened and closed via a switch located some distance away. Anyone that falls into the trap door suffers a fall death. The map also features a set of steel blast doors which can only be opened by a control panel some distance away.

Teams: Urban Black Ops vs Spetsnaz


Medium size urban estate. Good corridors for long range firefights.


An old Soviet base. Intense Capture the Flag matches. Medium Size.

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