COD Black Ops: 5 Ways to Earn XP Fast

We provide five key tips to ranking up quickly in Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

5. Contracts

These are accessible in the main lobby of the game (where you choose a game type), and allow you to pick and choose which contracts you undertake. This requires an initial outlay of COD Points, ranging from 100 to thousands – but upon completion will reward you with additional reward. These contracts vary from earning a certain amount of kills to playing, and winning, certain matches.

Naturally, you will want to be picky about which contracts you want to start. If a contract has an unfeasible target then there’s no point wasting your COD points on it, but if you think you can complete it – go for it. It’s even worth select obviously easy targets, just so you can claim the reward and start another contract soon after.

4. Challenges

A staple of the Call Of Duty game, challenges fill a range of tasks – from kills and headshots with certain weapons to falling from a certain distance. You’ll even receive a reward for dying and losing, so the taste of defeat is never really that bitter. At first you won’t need to concentrate too much on completing challenges, since you’ll unlock many without trying.

Eventually, towards the higher levels, you will want to take a look at the long list of available challenges just so you can start cashing in on the easier XP points. Each challenge comes in stages too, with each step requiring more of that objective to be completed. The higher the challenge, the more XP you’ll earn.

3. Wager Matches

Though the initial bets are rather measly, the rewards for completing and winning a Wager Match will increase your return. If you double down on every game, you will bet more COD points, but receive more as a reward. These are still rather minimal, though we expect the bet amounts will be increased in a later update.

The best way to secure a victory is to play One In A Chamber with maximum bet and keep safe. Find a good place to knuckle down and take out anyone that approaches. Once fewer people are around (i.e. they’ve lost their three lives) come out of hiding and finish off the remaining enemies.

2. Killstreaks

When picking your killstreaks, don’t be too unreasonable. If you don’t expect you’ll earn 11 kills in a row then don’t bother selecting Attack Dogs as a killstreak. Select an ability corresponding to how well you believe you can play. The Hardline perk will help with this, since you can earn your killstreaks slightly quicker.

Similarly, you’ll earn an XP reward simply for using a killstreak, but if you choose a killstreak that will increase your kill count then you’ll naturally earn a boost to your XP. So even the humble UAV (which rewards you for a one time 100 XP reward) will pinpoint enemies for you, making each kill easier and collecting the extra XP.

1. Headquarters

Stop playing Team Deathmatch. As fun as the mode is, you’re missing out on a ton of XP by avoiding the extra, objective modes. Headquarters is the best of the bunch, since once you’ve successfully captured a HQ you will earn regular 50 XP every couple of seconds. Even if you don’t survive the entirety of the HQ’s life, the quick and easy boost this mode can provide should not be missed.

Alongside this there are other modes where bonus XP points is in abundance. Any mode where you plant a bomb, such as Demolition, will give you extra points each time you do. Don’t forget Domination either, which provides a healthy XP boost every time you capture one of the three positions.

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