Battlefield Bad Company 2 & Modern Warfare 2: Mythbusters

Can you can destroy a Sentry Gun with a single Throwing Knife? What about damaging a player by shooting their weapon?

Modern Warfare 2:

The good folks at Defend the House have put together 4 great mythbusting clips for MW2. Enjoy and happy fragging.

Myth 1: You can be killed by an exploding fire hydrant
Myth 2: You can bank launched grenades
Myth 3: If a Semtex grenade sticks to a riot shield, you can survive by dropping the shield
Myth 4: A riot shield can protect you from a falling care package
Myth 5: You can destroy an Airdrop Helicopter
Myth 6: The mattresses on the Afghan can protect you from fall damage
Myth 7: Throwing Knives can bounce
Myth 8: An EMP can stop a Tactical Nuke

Myth 1: You can’t shoot through a banana leaf?
Myth 2: If you knife the first mirror in the Barbershop on Favela, it will kill you?
Myth 3: The F2000’s red dot sight stays active during an EMP?
Myth 4: Jumping onto a car will make it explode?
Myth 5: You can survive a nuke by calling in a user-controlled killstreak reward?
Myth 6: You can get a headshot with a Predator missile?
Myth 7: You run faster when holding a care package marker?
Myth 8: You can destroy an AC130 with a Predator missile?
Myth 9: Single guns do more damage than Akimbo guns?

Myth 1: By looking through cracked glass, you can see through smoke grenades?
Myth 2: If you stun a player controlling a Chopper Gunner, their view from the helicopter will also be stunned?
Myth 3: Final Stand can be activated in mid air?
Myth 4: You can damage a player by shooting their weapon?
Myth 5: The FMJ attachment for the MG4 is called ‘Explosive Rounds’?
Myth 6: If you knife someone that is holding a Semtex Grenade you can be stuck by the falling grenade?
Myth 7: You can destroy a Sentry Gun with a single Throwing Knife?
Myth 8: Calling in a Nuke can extend the time of the game?

Myth 1: You can knife someone through a window?
Myth 2: You can destroy a Harrier with a falling Care Package?
Myth 3: C4 and Claymores can be temporarily disabled with a Flash or Stun grenade?
Myth 4: A riot Shield will protect you from the effects of a Stun Grenade and Flash grenade?
Myth 5: You can use equipment while climbing a ladder?
Myth 6: A Tactical Nuke kills chickens?

Battlefield Bad Company 2

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